Vol6 Issue1

Volume 6- Issue 1 – January 2019
01 pdfInnovative Design of Aperture Antenna for Wideband Application

-Kennedy A. Iroanusi

02 pdfThe Influence of Biodiesel Fuel Oil Blend Java Callophylum Innopillum Performance and Emissionson Diesel Engine Single-Cylinder

-Wahidin, Nasrul Ilminnafik, Agustriono

03 pdfBiomass and Carbon Stock Assessment of Peat Swamp Forest Ecosystem; A Case Study in Permanent Forest Reserve Pekan Pahang, Malaysia

-Mohd Afzanizam, M, E.Philip, Shahrul, A.B, Mohd Haniff, H

04 pdfNon-Newtonian Fluid Speed Breaker

-Runal P. Pawar, Shruti Donode, Prafulsingh Chouhan, Satendrakumar Bopche, Pranali Ramteke, Pooja J. Chavhan

05 pdfDesign of Inverter-Less Solar DC Off-Grid System for Indian Homes

-Vrushabh S. Waghmare, Anup P. Rautkar, Mangesh J. Nemade

06 pdfSmart Braking System (SBS) for Automobiles

-Sanyam Tyagi, Deepanshu Aggarwal, Bhism B. Tripathi, Ashish Bajiya

07 pdfA Novel Survey on Cloud Security using Digital Watermarking

-Vaishali D. Kamble, Kanchan Doke

08 pdfSmart Medication & Monitoring System for Secure Health using IoT

-Priyanka J. Solanke, K. Lakshman

09 pdfRecycling of Road Construction Material & Check their Suitability in Road Construction

-Ankit Walia, Neeraj Kumar

10 pdfTwo Way Charging E-Bike

-Anand Chopade, Bhushan Dehankar, P.V. Raut

11 pdfContriving State of the Art Strategies to Aid Armed Forces by Applying RF 3D Imaging Techniques in Real Time

-Ajay Athitya R, Aishwarya A

12 pdfAnalysis of Real-Time based Recommendation System for Taxi Ridesharing : Review

-Sneha Dinesh Jawanjal

13 pdfA Method for Solving Fuzzy Partial Differential Equation by Fuzzy Separation Variable

-Jeyavel Prakash, Ramadoss Arunbalaji, Dereje Wakgari

14 pdfANN based Open Conductor Fault Detector for Protection of Two Parallel Circuit Transmission Lines

-Ashish Narayan Rangade, Reshmita Sharma

15 pdfDevelopment of Automated Work Table and Experimental Work on Abrasive Jet Machine

-Ketan P. Patel, P. S. Chaudhari, Maulik J. Patel

16 pdfOpen CV based Object Tracking Robot using Image Processing with Raspberry Pi

-Pallavi P. Saraikar, K.S. Ingle

17 pdfIntegrated Smart Grid Technology with Solar and Wind Power Generation System

-Garima Sen, Sourabh Kumar Sen, Vikram Singh Rajpurohit, Preeti Mishra

18 pdfApplication of Wireless Battery Charging for E-Biken of Wireless Battery Charging for E-Bike

-Pratiksha P. Dhande, Hemraj N. Banait, P. V. Raut

19 pdfImpact of Extrusion Process on Product Quality

-Sunil Kumar, P.S Rao

20 pdfTargeting for Up-Selling to Increase Revenue for Ride-Hailing Service using Machine Learning

-Abhishek Kumar Tiwari, Govinda Bobade, Pratikkumar Dubey

21 pdfExperimentation and Behavioral Modeling for Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons from Compression Ignition Engine Automobiles using an Innovative Catalytic Converter Coated with Nano-Particles

-S. S. K. Deepak, Mukesh Thakur

22 pdfAnalyze – College Entrance Structure – Manual Calculation (Hardy Cross Method) and by Computer Program (Finite Element Method)

-Sandeep Kumar Sharma

23 pdfAutonomous Wireless Water Tank Monitoring System

-Shubham Dajjuka, Govinda Dumane, Shivani Hole, Aakanksha Johari

24 pdfPerformance Analysis of the Solar Linear Fresnel Reflector

-Mohamed H. Ahmed

25 pdfAutomated and Generic Finite Element Analysis for Industrial Robot Design

-T. Harichandrudu, S. Raghavendra, C Vikram, Rathnagiri Mahesh Goud

26 pdfSeismic Behaviour of Steel Bare Frame Building with Outrigger and Bracing with Outrigger Structures

-Abhishek R, Rajeeva S V

27 pdfMaximizing the Solar Panel Output with the Help of Microcontroller based Tracker

-Darshana K. Titare, Prajakta K. Gangasagar, M. J. Nemade

28 pdfIntroduction and Design of Conical Type Draft Tube

-Shelke Krushna, Patil Mit, Warke Nilesh, Avinash Jejurkar

29 pdfImplementation of WAMPAC Security and Stability Improvement of Power Grids with Systems

-Soheila Parandeh, Nasim S Esmaeilzadeh, Amir Vaezi, Kimia Parandeh, Ehsan Bagheri

30 pdfAutomated POS System based on Face Recognition and Password

-Arnab Dey, Sudhanshu Jain

31 pdfData Mining Algorithm in Distributed Database

-Vivek Gohil, Ketan Gharge, Ritesh Ghorui, Silviya Dmonte

32 pdfIntrusion Detection System using Cloud Computing

-Aayushi Kaur Kochar, Deepali Jawale, Sayali Khomane, Sharvari Kamble

33 pdfGPS-GSM Predicated Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System using a Mobile App based on Google Map

-A. Mounika, Anitha Chepuru

34 pdfAn Introduction to Water Quality Analysis

-Ritabrata Roy

35 pdfRemotely Control Lawn Mower using Solar System

-Mamta A. Shapamohan, Kalpana V. Tale, Kiran A. Shende, U. S. Raut

Remaining Articles will be uploaded shortly..

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