Vol 3 Issue 10

Volume 3- Issue 10 – October 2016 
01 Analysis Local Public Transportation Using GIS (Baghdad Case Study)

Noor Moutaz Asmael

02 Evaluation of Extracted Ores from Stoping Faces of Blocks of El-Gedida Area by Using GIS Technology

-A. Kh. Embaby , B. G. Mousa

03 An Enhanced Triple Data Encryption Standard (Tdes) Algorithm to Secure Health Level Seven (Hl7) Data Transfer

-Michael Tetteh Asare, Yaw Marfo Missah

04 Experimental Investigation of plate heat exchanger using Nanofluids

-Syed Amjad Ahmad, M. Naheed Javed, M. Zahid Saeed, Hashaam Syed, M. Awais Aslam

05 Experimental Study of Adding Kerosene to the Recycled Lubricating Oil in a Diesel Engine Fuel

-Mohamed Tarek Hamouda, Ahemd Taher Hussin, Mahmoud Mohamed Kamal, Gamal Mosaad Hennes

06 Leaching and kinetics studies on processing of Abu-Ghalaga ilmenite ore

-A. M. Ramadan, M. Farghaly, W. M. Fathy, M. M. Ahmed

07 Determination of suitable requirements for Geometric Correction of remote sensing Satellite Images when Using Ground Control Points

-Mohamed Tawfeik, Hassan Elhifnawy, EssamHamza, Ahmed Shawky

08 Design and Development of a Groundnut Decorticating and Separating Machine

-C. C. Eze

09 Parametric Study of Reservoir Parameters on Tracer Tests using Ethanol in a Geothermal Reservoir

-Adrianto, Ryuichi Itoi, Toshiaki Tanaka

10 Film Formation and Characterization of ZnO Thin Film Grown by Mist Chemical Vapor Deposition with Different Temperatures

-Thant Zin Win, Hla Myo Tun, Yusui Nakamura

11 Review on Performance and Emisssion Characteristics of Various Biodiesel Blends

-S.Karthikeyan, P.Karuppuswamy

12 Survey Paper on Aircraft Recognition for Satellite Image

-D.PonJenifer, Y.R.Packia Dhas

13 A Survey on Image Super- Resolution Techniques for Image Reconstruction

-J.Josephin Nivetha, T.M.Babi Mol

14 Improvement of Load Carrying Capacity of Bc Soil Using Reinforced Stone Column

-Harish C, Vinod B.R ,Mohd Shahid Hussain

15 An Experimental Investigation on Behaviour of Open End Pipes in Sandy Soil

-Harish C, Vinod B.R, Nithin Yadav S

16 Experimental Analysis of Magneto-Rheological Fluid Based Front Fork Damper Using Electro-Magnetic Concept

-Sunil Jamra, Nikhil Goyal, Tarun Nema

17 Optimization & Modal Analysis of Engine Mounting Bracket for Different Materials by Using Finite Element Analysis

-Tushar P. Kamble , Rajratna A. Bhalerao

18 Effect of PI controller parameters on the performance ofShunt Active Power Filter

-Rajesh Babu Yamarthi, R.Srinivasa Rao, P.Linga Reddy

19 Design and Optimization of Piston Used Uncoated Aluminium Aloy-6061 and Coated With Ceramic Material Using Catia & Ansys

-Nikhil Goyal, Tarun Nema

20 Emotion Detection of Speech Signals with Analysis of Salient Aspect Pitch Contour

-Rode Snehal Sudhkar , Manjare Chandraprabha Anil

21 Low Complex Papr Reduction by Alternative Signal Method and Iterative Companding and Filtering Method in OFDM/OQAM Model

-Y.Buela Pramodini, P.Subha Sree

22 Fabrication methods used to prepare Al metal matrix composites- A review

-Prem Shankar Sahu, R. Banchhor

23 Performance Analysis of Discrete Anamorphic Stretch Transform in Image Compression System

-V.Lakshmi Sowjanya, T.Vishnu Priya

24 Amphibious Vehicle

-Anup M.Gawande, Akshay P. Mali

25 Robust and Cleaner Engines Using Negative Pressure Supercharging

-Anup M.Gawande, Gaurav R. Wagh

26 Finite Element Analysis of Anti-Roll Bar to Optimize the Stiffness of the Anti-Roll Bar and the Body Roll-Anup M.Gawande, Mandar.G.Dhage
27 Thermal Energy Storage by Phase Change Material

-Anup M. Gawande,Atul P.Wasokar

28 Aqua silencer

-Anup M.Gawande , Pavan k.ingle

29 Review on Whiplash Protection System

-Anup M.Gawande , Akshay D. Dasarkar

30 Effects of Confinement on Structural Stability and Electronic Structure of Sodium Clusters

-Balasaheb J. Nagare, Sunil P. Chavan

31 Secure Face Spoof Detection on Smartphone

-Wakchaure Arti, Bamhane Swapnil, Bhor Ashwini, Varal Mohini

32 Natural Language Interface To Database

-Kulkarni Chaitali , Divate Prachi , Kale Ashwini , Kate Aakanksha

33 Queuing Theory in today’s world-An Overview

-Vatsal Mishra, Harshit Jain, Ashish Nagra , Naresh K,Jagadeesh Kannan R

34 Visual Enhancement of Undersea Images by ADCP Method

-Jasneet Kaur Babool, Satbir Singh, Saurabh Mahajan

35 Design and Investigation of Safety Cross Stand For Scrambler

-L.Natrayan, M.S.Santhosh , S.Yogeshwaran

36 Vector Controlled Sensorless Estimation and Control of Speed of Induction Motors

-Gayatri Gite, Prabodh Khampariya

37 Privacy Preserving and Data Mining In Big Data

-Mohammad Tarique Mohammad Saleem, A.P.Kankale,

38 Design and Performance Evaluation of Different Feeding Technique for IMT Advanced (4G) Antenna

-Neeraj Kumari, Amit Kumar

39 An Efficient Design of 16- bit Parallel ADDER/SUBTRACTOR Using Reversible Gate

-Rupali Patel, MA Khan

40 Development and Quality Evaluation of Aloe Vera and Pineapple Juice Blended Beverage

-Sonali Biswas , Dorcus Masih, Madhulika Singh, Chitra Sonkar

41 Mining Road Traffic Accident Data to Improve Safety on Road-related Factors for Classification and Prediction of Accident Severity.

-Jaideep Kashyap, Chandra Prakash Singh

42 Intelligent Vehicle Driver Monitoring And vehicle Diagnostic System Using Android And Cloud

-Vidya Bhojane, Shubhangi Jagtap, Monali Kamthe,Sanjivani Padwal,Anisara Nadaf

43 Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Controller for Rotary Kiln Control

-Anjana C , Dinakar Das C N

44 Commercial usage using Big Data

-Smita Dhawane,Shadab Khan, Zainulabedin Shaikh

45 Analysis of Mechanical Characteristics of Aluminium Nano Composites Using Mwcnt

-C.Somu, M.Amal Madhu, A.Jagadeesan, N.Dhayanandh

46 Fine particle processing of iron ore slimes from Orissa, India

-S.J.G.Krishna, M.R.Patil, R.P.Reddy, C.Rudrappa, B.P.Ravi ,S.Umesh

47 Reprocessing of iron ore beneficiation plant tails

-M.R.Patil , S.J.G.Krishna, R.P.Reddy, C.Rudrappa, B.P.Ravi ,P.S.Kumar

48 Beneficiation of refractory Au ore from G.R.Halli, Karnataka

-S.J.G.Krishna, M.R.Patil, R.P.Reddy, P.S.Kumar, B.P.Ravi , G.Shyla

49 Real time tracking of public transport system

-Omkar Joshi, Bhakti Bhoj, Sonali Bhadange, Gayatri Petkar

50 Topography Optimization of the Inner Panel of an Automobile Door

-Ayan Dutta

51 Design and Analysis of Nose Landing Gear-Ayan Dutta
52 Study on Existing Bakery Industries in Allahabad and Sensory Evaluation of Bakery Products

-Manoj kumar, Er. Avanish Kumar

53 Object Tracking Learning Detection Using P-N Learning Method

-Atul D Mairale,Ravindrakumar Gupta

54 A Survey on Native Cassava Starch and Fruit Harvesting Maturity

-A.Jaganathan, S.Muguntha Kumar

55 A Novel Approach of Cassava Bagasse in Different from Two Starch and Effect of Hydrochloric Acid-A.Jaganathan, S.Muguntha Kumar
56 MAC Protocols for WBAN

-Jaswinder Kaur

57 Weight Optimization of Steering Knuckle for Four Wheelers

-Sujit Kori , R.A. Savanur

58 Study on Strength Characteristics of Concrete by Considering Slurry Infiltrated Concrete Layers

-Aqhib Beig, Dr. Dasharathy

59 A Proposed System for Monitoring Street Transformers in Rural Areas using Embedded system

-Lakshmi Narayana chavala

60 VGDRA Protocol for Mobile Sink in WSN

-Ricky Devi , Maninder Singh

61 Surveillance camera can be used to find person or vehicle

-Nilesh Giri, Anand Kumar, Sameer Sonone , Ashwinikumar Wankhede, Kunal Purohit

62 Paper on Comparision of Conventional Welding Methods with Solid-State Welding Techniques

-V. prasanna , S. Narsing Rao

63 Knowledge Sharing Using Classification Strategy

-Akash Nitnaware, Pankaj Mali, Vaibhav Dhavale, Sachin Jagtap

64 Performance Deviation Measurement Using Conventional & Practically Derived Threshold in MF Receiver for Binarised Sound Signals

-Bimla Pandey

65 Drowsiness Detection Using RASPBERRY-PI Model Based On Image Processing

-Rajeshwari Sanjay Rawal , Sameer.S.Nagtilak

66 Rapid Prototyping Technology and its Applications

-Shashwat Dwivedi, Shalu Rai

67 A Survey on Different techniques for Image Inpainting

-Hiral Nileshbhai Patel

70 Multi Purpose Online Voting System Using Smartphone

-Ajay Nair, Gulabchand K. Gupta

71 Comparative Study on Seismic Analysis of Soil Structure Interaction with Various Soil Properties by Varying Floor Levels

-Bhavani Shankar , Dheekshith K

72 Hardware Performance Comparison of PI and Space Vector PWM Techniques for Speed Ripple Minimization in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with and without Iterative Learning Control

-N.Subha Lakshmi,

73 A Review on Controlling Automobile Exhaust Emissions

-R.Sanjay, K.Siragiri Velavan, Vijaya Kiran Kumar, R.Raveen

74 Effect of Differential settlement of foundation on RCC Building using Staad- Pro

-K.B.Jaiswal, A.C.Saoji

75 Survey on Smart Presentation using Gesture Recognition

-Soumya Varma , Nathasha.P.R, Meera Paulson,Silpa Davis

76 Lifetime Improvement of Wireless Sensor Network Using Co-Ordinated Duty Cycle and Queue Detect Technique

-Narsingh Gupta ,Rajeev Kumar Jaiswal

77 A Review of Fundamental Shaft Failure Analysis

-Hariom, Vijoy Kumar, Chandrababu D.

78 Brain tumor detection techniques: A Survey

-Pragati G. Patil, K. J. Karande

79 To study the Tribological Effects on Bearing Material (Brass) of Connecting Rod

-Er. Anuj Kumar, S. S. Sen

80 Characterization and Predictive Output Behavior of Shape Memory Alloy

-Mohd Azaruddin, B M Rajaprakash

81 Evaluation of present scenario of Ambient Noise Level in Residential zone and Silence zone of Jabalpur city

-Pradeep Singh Baghel, R. K. Bhatia, D. C. Rahi

82 Review on Cryogenic Trearment Of Steels

-Vengatesh.M, Srivignesh.R, Pradeep balaji.T, N.R.Karthik

83 A Review on Optimization Techniques of Abrasive Waterjet Machining

-M.Sibichakkravarthi, P.Uthayakumar, K.Vignesh, A. Murugarajan

84 Detecting Web Application Vulnerability using Dynamic Analysis with Penetration Testing

-T.Pandikumar ,Tseday Eshetu

85 Construction of Sub structure Of a Multi storey Building: A Case Study

-Chaitanya Mycherla

86 Empirical Study of DWT and FFT Techniques to Extract Intensity Based Features From the Images

-Diksha Soni, Yogesh Kumar Gupta, Savita Dubey

87 Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics of Thermal Energy Storage System with Aluminium Oxide

-Vidyadhar biswal, Beant Singh, Gurpreet singh,Gurmeet singh

88 Load Flow Analysis and Optimal Allocation of Distributed Generation Using Psat: A Review

-Hemlata Sharma , Gaurav Gangil, Jitendra Singh Bhadoriya

89 Optimization of Inlet Valve of Ic Engine Using FEA

-Mamta .R. Zade

90 Video Inpainting with Inpainting technique using Super Resolution

-Rajanikant Palwe, Varsha Namdeo

91 Experimental Study on Strength Properties of Self Curing Concrete by Using Poly Ethylene Glycol as Self Curing Agent

-Sumayyath M M, Jerry Anto

92 Unrestricted Natural Language Implementation in Programming

-Deepanjali Satu, A.Avinash

93 Importance of microgrid in the current scenario and its Islanding

-Krishnav Bhatia, Tarun tailor, Mukesh Kumar Kirar

94 Coordination between SVC and OLTC for voltage control in Wind Energy Conversion System

-Ravi, Radha Raman

95 Temperature Analysis when using Metal Oxide-Based Zno as a New Coolant for Turning Process Based on Minimum Quantity Lubrication Method (Mql)

-A.Syed Hameed Raja, N.Surendar, V.Vignesh, S.Ravi, C.Narendhar

96 Enhancing Performance of Face Recognition System Using Independent Component Analysis

-Dipti Rane, Uday Bhave, Manimala Mahato

97 Association Rule Mining Algorithms: Survey

-Subhash Rohit

98 Seismic Analysis of Interlocking Block as Infill Wall

-Bhavani Shankar, Anusha

99 Review on Conventional, Modern Heat Pipes and its Applications

-Vijayakumar .P , Sajairaj .S, Santhoshkumar .R

100 Dynamic Wind Analysis of Tall Building Provided with Steel Bracing as Per Proposed Draft For Indian Wind Code And Effect Of Soft Storey (Part 2)

-Ashwini S Gudur , H S Vidyadhar

101 A Review on Dynamic Wind Analysis of Tall Building Provided with Steel Bracing As Per proposed Draft For Indian Wind Code And Effect Of Soft Storey

-Ashwini S Gudur , H S Vidyadhar

102 Adhesive and Process Involved in Adhesion Technique

-Love Sharma, Sankalp Kulshrestha

103 Experimental and Analysis of Non Ferrous Metals over Mild Steel

-Y.RameshBabu, V.VenkataSudheerBabu

104 Robot Navigation System Using RFID

-Sahil Chhabria, Srishti Bhandari, Neerav Dharra, Inder Wadhwa, Anushree Gupta

105 Life Saving Transport System

-Inder Wadhwa, Neerav Dharra, Sahil Chhabria, Srishti Bhandari, M. Mani Roja

106 Simulation of Dstatcom For Voltage Control and Power Profile Improvement

-Pratikkumar M. Soni, Akashkumar K. Chavada, Kartik Parmar

107 Online news classification using Deep Learning Technique

-Sandeep Kaur, Navdeep Kaur Khiva

108 Causes And Effects Of Delay In Construction Project

-Tushar Khattri, Sohit Agarwal, Vaishant Gupta, Mukesh Pandey

109 Critical Causes of Delay in Construction Project in Jhansi Region

-Tushar Khattri, Sohit Agarwal, Vaishant Gupta, Mukesh Pandey

110 Logo Retrieval and Recognition using Different Algorithms

-Prajakta Bhagawat, Yuvraj Patil

111 Contingency Analysis and Ranking on 400 Kv Karnataka Network by Using MIPOWER

-Swaroop N S, Lekshmi M

112 Improvements in Digital Watermarking Compression Techniques Using Hybrid Transform

-Rashmi Chhabra, Anita Singhrova

113 Network Selection in Heterogeneous Wireless Environment Using SAW Method

-Sneha M. Tapre , Mrs.Smita Rukhande , Chandrashekhar M. Raut

114 Study On Performance Of Regular And Vertically Irregular Structure With Dampers, Shear Wall And Infill Wall

-Chaitra H N, B Shivakumara Swamy

115 Online Bug Tracking System

-Nilesh Zaware,Priyanka Datir, Mauli Balwadkar, Vivek Wadje

116 Standard Cell Based an Area Efficient, 1 MHz to 2 GHz Range nine-input Programmable Frequency Divider for Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Applications

-Ajay Kumar Majji, C Babji Prasad, M Bala krishna

117 Quality of Services Improvement in Broadband WiMAX through Channel Scheduling

-Heena Kaunser, Ashish Gagneja

118 Comparison of Seismic Behavior of Building with Fixed Base, Base Isolator and Shear Wall

-Thriveni P, Manjunath N Hegde

119 Study on Performance of Regular and L-Shape Plan Irregular Building with Dampers, Shear Wall and Infill Wall

-Anushri C, B Shivakumara Swamy

120 Improving Privacy and Dynamic Updation Using Ranked Search Over Outsourced Cloud Data

-R.Pavithra , R.Asokan , K.Baskar

121 Designing Framework For Internetwork Using Switch Centric Architecture

-P.Keerthana , J.Yogapriya , S.Satheesh Kumar

122 Review on Optimum Process Parameters in Electrochemical Honing

-P.Venkateswaran, B.Vignesh, V.Guna, N.Srimath

123 Comparative Study of Performance of Conventional R.C Framed Structures and Diagrid Structures Subjected to Ground Motions

-Mohammed Ibrahim, Veena Narayankar

124 A Systematic Investigation on Electric Generators Adapted Wind Energy Conversion System

-P.Vijayakumar, V.Kamatchi kannan

125 Study on Beer Production From Selected Varieties of Barley

-Kavindra Singh, Atul Anand Mishra, Amit Kumar Yadav

126 Improvement in the Performance and Security of Advanced Encryption Standard Using AES Algorithm and Comparison with Blowfish

-Amit Verma , Simarpreet Kaur , Bharti Chhabra

127 Performance analysis of Piecewise linear Companding with various precoders for PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signals

-M.V.Nageswara Rao, V.Jagan Naveen, K.Krishna Kishore

128 An Augmented Approach for Cluster head Selection Using Fuzzy Logic in Clustering Hierarchy for WSN

-Jadav Kiran

129 Carbohydrate Contents Detection in Food Using Bag of Feature-R. S. Parte, Sanas Supriya, Gaikwad Ashwini, Gupta Pooja, Kavitake Kajal
130 Molecular Structure, Spectroscopic(FT-IR,FT-Raman, NMR,UV), HOMO-LUMO Analysis of 1-Bromo-4-Nitrobenzene by Quantum Computational Methods

-S.Seshadri , R Sangeetha , Rasheed .M.P, M.Padmavathy

131 Comparision Study of Lower Control Arm With Different Material

-Gururaj Dhanu, R.S. Kattimani

132 Detection of Sleep Apnea using Pressure Sensor

-Kumari Sneha

133 Internet of Agriculture: Applying IoT to Improve Food and Farming Technology

-S.Balamurugan , N.Divyabharathi, K.Jayashruthi, M.Bowiya, R.P.Shermy , R.Gokul Kruba Shanker

134 Internet of Safety: Applying IoT in Developing Anti Rape Mechanism for Women Empowerment

-S.Balamurugan, S.Dharanikumar, D.Gokul Prasanth, Krithika, Madhumitha, V.M.Prabhakaran , R.Gokul Kruba Shanker

135 Fog Computing: Synergizing Cloud, Big Data and IoT- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis

-S.Balamurugan , L.Jeevitha , A.Anupriya , R.Gokul Kruba Shanker

136 Internet of Health: Applying IoT and Big Data to Manage Healthcare Systems

-S.Balamurugan ,R.Madhukanth , V.M.Prabhakaran ,R.Gokul Kruba Shanker

137 Internet of Ambience: An IoT Based Context Aware Monitoring Strategy for Ambient Assisted Living

-S.Balamurugan , R.P.Shermy ,V.M.Prabhakaran , R.Gokul Kruba Shanker

138 Internet of Stings: Securing Healthcare Records Applying Internet of Things

-S.Balamurugan , V.M.Prabhakaran, C.Priyanka, Swarnamugi ,R.Gokul Kruba Shanker

139 A Smart Museum using Internet of Things

-Sornalatha K, Kavitha V.R

140 A Review: Video Quality Evaluation of MPEG-4 Using (MOS) Mean Opinion Score in NS-2

-Younis Rasool Wani, Swati Sharma, Sanjeev Chopra

141 Failure Analysis of Yoke Joint Assembly

-Anuj A. Muley, M. J. Sheikh, G. V. Thakre

142 Experimental Analysis of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Mig Welded Aa 7075-T6 of 10mm Thickness

-G. Arun kumar , M.Harsha, A. Balaram Naik

143 Review on Implementation of Vital Parameter Based Remote Monitoring System for Critical Patients

-Bhumita U. Kakade, Akshay B. Kadu

144 Wireless Sensor Networks- An Overview, Challenges and Solutions to Overcome challenges

-Snehapiriya Tlk

145 Power Conservation and Reliable Transmission of Signals Using Serial Joint Beamforming

-S.Sankari , E.Manohar, S.Malaiarasan

146 Abrasive Wear of Lm-13 Aluminium Alloy and Dual Reinforcement (6%TiB2 + 6%SiC) Composite Material

-Pankaj Kumar, Pradeep Kumar Yadav, G. Dixit

147 Design of Pre-Engineered Steel Building for Air Craft Hangar Using STAAD PRO

-Shanagonda Akhila, Kolla Aswani Chandh

148 Compatibility study of slag cement with PCE based admixtures

-Abdul Razak.B.H, Venkatesh Babu.D.L,Shashikumara.S.R

149 Compatibility of blended cement with PCE based admixtures

-Abdul Razak.B.H,Dr.Venkatesh Babu.D.L,Shashikumara.S.R

150 MATLAB/ SIMULINK based study of series- parallel connected photovoltaic system under partial shaded condition-Laxmi Kant Dwivedi, Vikram singh, Arjun Pareek, Prabhat Yadav
151 Development and Testing of Metal Matrix Composite by Reinforcement of B4C Particles on Al LM25 Alloy

-I Srinivasa reddy, V V Sudheer babu

152 Smart Letter Box System Using Obstacle Sensor For Notifies The User By Android Application

-Anjali Devi Pujari,Priyanka Bansode, Pragati Girme,Harshal Mohite,Anirudha Pande

153 Study and Analysis of Vehicular Trip Generation: A Case Study

-K. Blessy Babu, G.Venkata Rao, K.S.B.Prasad

154 A Review on “Design, Analysis & Experimental Investigation of Composite Leaf Spring”

-Prashant N. Pakale, D. M. Patil

155 Synthesis and Study Of Dicarboxalic Acid Hydrozone Derivative and their Vanadium Complexes

-V. K. Tiwari , A. K. Dubey , S. N. Dikshit

156 Application of Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (Smes) System in Automatic Generation Control

-S. Teja Srinivas, A. Rama Devi

157 FDD Based Throughput Simulation of EPA-EVA Model for LTE downlink channel

-Ajay kaushik, Shrishti khurana, Sangeeta

158 Comparative Simulation for Throughput Testing of LTE Downlink Channel for EPA model

-Ajay kaushik, Shrishti khurana , Sangeeta

159 Automatic Ambulance Rescue and Physiological Parameter Monitoring System

-Monika Suresh Katake, Yuvraj M. Patil

160 Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis Using Image Mining

-Abhilash Bhaisare, Sagar Lachure, Amol Bhagat, Jaykumar Lachure

161 Automatic Indexing Fixture System

-Karan Panchal , Ashit Patel, Jayneel Prajapati, Tejas Soni

162 Design and Implementation of Modified CORDIC based FFT using Vedic Multiplication Techniques

-K Nagapramodh, Hemanth Kumar K.S

163 Generate Test Cases From UML Use Case and State Chart Diagrams

-Shubhangi Jagtap, Vishwas Gawade, Rahul Pawar, Savita Shendge, Pravin Avhad

164 Reducing the Fault Current and Overvoltage in a Distribution System with Distribution Generation Units with SFCL

-C.V.Chaitanya, N.Narasimhulu, R.Ramachandra

165 Reduction of Line Loss by Using Upfc in Isolated Substations And Multiple Loop Distribution Systems

-M. Sushmi, M. Ramasekhar Reddy

166 Challenges and Importance of ICT in Quality Improvement of Higher Education
-Deepak Kumar Verma, Mazhar Khaliq, Santosh Kumar
167 Synthesis and Characterization of Zirconia Doped Electrical Porcelain Insulator

-Gourav Jawale, Neeraj Kumar , M.R. Majhi

168 Integration of Renewable Energy Sources Wind and Solar Power Grid Connected Using Mppt and

Flywheel /Simulink

-Ch Uday Kiran, Mahesh

169 Review paper on Energy Conservation Techniques of Wireless Sensor Networks

-Kamaldeep Kaur, Aashima Singla

170 Design and development of device to facilitate differently abled persons to get into bus independently

-Rajendra D. Kadam, A. D. Diwate

171 Programmable OP-AMP Configurations

-Mayuresh Sardar

172 Review of Thermodynamically Evolution of Refrigeration system using Nanoparticles(as a Nanorefrigerant )

-Nimesh S. Patel, Vishwadipsinh J. Ghariya

173 A Survey on Identifying Identical Users Among Multiple Social Media Sites

-Anju Viswam, Gopu Darsan

174 Traffic detection from user’s status update messages in twitter

-Sruthi sathyanandan , Dhanya Sreedharan

175 Analytical Method for Asphalt Concrete Job Mix Formula Design

-Penki Ramu, P.Sarika, V.Premraj Kumar , P.Sravana

176 River Boundaries Extraction With Edge Detection Using SAR Images

-Ujwala Bari, Suvarna Doiphode, Apurva Kulkarni, Sabrina Shaikh, Sayali Kokane

177 Cascaded Fuzzy Controller based Multilevel STATCOM for High-Power Applications

-Chaparala. Dhanya Sri , Konakala. Prabhakara Rao

178 Experimental Investigation on Properties of Concrete with Bagasse Ash And Copper Slag

-Deepak.S ,Sethuraman.R ,Ramesh.C

179 A Survey on: Android System for Public Services

-Pravin M. Tambe, Mayur R. Kapse, Atharva A. Jagtap, Komal R. Wani, Neha R. Amrutkar

180 Design of a Simplified Vertical Conveyor System

-Jayneel Prajapati, Tejas Soni, Kinjal Shah, Alok Dwivedi

181 A Survey on Relevance Feature Selection Discovery

-Revathy M, Minu Lalitha Madhavu

182 Study of Service Quality in Hotel Industry

-Sandeep R. Shelar

183 An Efficient Technique for Web-Based Image Re-Ranking

-Rubeena A. Attar , Shivaputra S. Panchal

184 Friend-To-Friend Secured Relationship Network Based on Online Behaviour

-Balasaheb Tekale, Sanjay Magar, Amit Takalikar, Purshottam Joshi

185 Optimization of Rf Propagation Models for Cognitive Radio

-Anirban Basu, Prabir Banerjee, Siladitya Sen

186 Secure Data Sharing using Visual Cryptography and Watermarking Method in Fog Computing

-Suraj Gajul, Anirudhha Gite, Vikas Kedari, Prashant Kumbhar

187 Home Security: – Water leakage and L.P.G gas detection

-Leenisha Mistry, Santosh Susarla, Rutuja Kharade, Akhil Kamble, Mandar Mokashi

188 Comparison between ABC and CS Algorithms with respect to Capacitor Allocations in Radial Distribution Networks to Minimize of Power Loss

-E Kalyana Chakravarthy, M Ramasekhara Reddy

189 Analytical study of solid flat slab and voided slab using ANSYS Workbench.

-Yadav Jaideep Purushottam, Tambe Yogesh Hemantkumar

190 Design of Plastic Injection Mold Using Simulation Technique for Minimizing Defect

-Pravin.P.Shinde, Suresh. S. Patil, Sandesh.S.Awati, Amarsingh.S. Patil

191 Implementation of OFDM transmitter and receiver on FPGA with Verilog using Mixed Radix8-2 Algorithms

-Salman shah, D.S Patil

192 A Review on Comparative Design & Optimization Of Fg300 & Sg350/22 Material Used for Rotary Table Pallet

-Shridhar S. Patil ,Aashay S. Udagave, Pravin P. Patil, Pruthviraj P. Nikam

193 A Survey on Trust Based Recommendation Systems

-Betsy Baby, Soumya Murali

194 A Review On Design Of Peeling-Shelling Compact Combo Machine

-Abhijeet Y. Kedge, Arjun B. Mane, Nadeem H. Nadaf, Rahul A. Devarshi, Pradip V. Kadam

195 LTE Efficient Scheduling with Different Loads

-KaminiVerma , Maninder Singh

196 A Survey on Various Haze Removal Aspects

-Merlin K Mathew, Dhanya Sreedharan

197 A Survey on Hand Gesture Recognition for Indian Sign Language

-Juhi Ekbote, Mahasweta Joshi

198 Security Enhancement by Achieving Flatness in Honeywords

-Ajab Karishma, Borchate Pranali, Jadhav Ashwini , Jadhav Shubhangi

199 Governor Controllers of Heavy-Duty Gas Turbine Performance Comparison using PI-Controller and Fuzzy Logic Controller

-T. Penchalaiah, M. Rama Sekhara Reddy

200 Impact Of Polyphenols On Cholesterol Esterase Inhibition – A Mini Review

-T.Sathish Kumar, M.Aishwarya, K.Archana, S.Divya, S.Seetha Lakshmi

201 Design and Fabrication of Compact Foldable Ladder

-Mohammadtabrej Nakum, Raj Kansagara, Kishan Chovatiya, Avesh Khan

202 Tri-axis MEMS Accelerometer for Vehicle Accident Monitoring

-Jaya Prakash Merepala

203 Functional Constraint Extraction at Register Transfer Level for ATPG to Improve Verification in terms of Coverage

-A. Venkata Ramana, J. Anusha

204 Theoretical modeling and simulation of Grid connected DFIG under symmetrical and asymmetrical faults

-Polamarasetti Ravi Teja, Ch Murali

205 IoT Based Smart Traffic Density Alarming Indicator

-Yashashree Joshi, Ashwini Joshi, Neha Tayade, Priyanka Shinde, S.M. Rokade

206 A Novel Three Phase Asymmetric Multilevel Inverter with Series H-bridges

-D.Nagendra Babu, M.Mahesh, M.Rama Sekhara Reddy

207 Computer Networks and Security : A Review

-V.Mamatha Reddy, P.Poornima

208 Embedded Prototype for Automatic Headlight Intensity Control Dedicated for Two-Wheelers

-I. Abi preethi, P. Mohana priya,M.Varshini

209 Sentiment Analysis of Political News articles and the effect of negation scope

-Aruna Gunda, Varsha Teratipally

210 Designing of Sram Using Lector Technique to Reduce Leakage Power

-Ashwini Khadke, Paurnima Chaudhari, Mayur More, D.S. Patil

211 Ultra Low Power, Low Voltage 16 Bit Bcd Adder Using Dtmos Technique

-Paurnima Chaudhari, Ashwini Khadke, Mayur More, D.S.Patil

212 Review Paper on Lifetime Optimization and Security in Wireless Sensor Network Using Cost-Aware Secure Routing Protocol

-Tambe Vijayshree C, Jadhav Chandrakant M.

213 Parametric Study on Waste Plastic Utilization in Bitumen

-Aditya A. Lanjewar, Dr. Girish M. Deshmukh, Ajay Mishra

214 Seismic Analysis of Building Structure with Buckling Restrained Brace

-Tinto George, Jebin James

215 A Survey on Verifying the Correctness of Frequent Itemset Mining

-Rupali.S.Shishupal, Amruta.B.Tare, Karishma.B.More , Ashwini.N.Chavan

216 Design of Getsm by Varying Suspension System

-K. Sanjay Karthik, M. Uttej, H. Prashanth, B.V.R.M. Kumar

217 Security Issues and Challenges in Cloud Computing

-Shantanu Sarkar, Vimal Kumar Bharadwaj, Priya G

218 Reducing Rutting Effect in Flexible Pavement

-Md Ilyas Ahmed, Mohammed Abdul Hameed , Mohammed Safiuddin, Mohd Azeem Ul Hussain

219 To Obtain Pyrolysis Oil from Waste Plastics of Different Grades & To Determine Its Calorific Value

-Kanika Mathur , Chaudhari Shubham

220 Design and Development of A Mechanical System for Civil Construction Work :An Overview

-Abhijit Thakare, V.K.Thute

221 Advanced Head-Light Controlling System for Automobile

-G.Ravi Kumar, P.Suresh Kumar

222 Color Based Image Segmentation using Classification of K-Nn With Contour Analysis Method

-Ramaraj.M, S.Niraimathi

223 Ontological Learning for Analysis of User Preferences

-Dhanshri Karbhari, Sukanya Naikar, Priya Sharma, Sharvari Patil

224 Caption Generation for Images Using Deep Multimodal Neural Network

-Ruturaj R. Nene

225 FPGA Implementation of Pipelined CORDIC Processor for Trigonometric Function

-Preeya Ambulkar, Prof. Ashish Kharate

226 Fingerprint Image Enhancement Based on Various Techniques, Feature Extraction and Matching-Review Paper

– Usha Rani

227 Fingerprint Image Enhancement Based on Various Techniques, Feature Extraction and Matching

-Usha Rani

228 App based Garden Bot for Regulation of Water Level in plants

-Suruchi Chawla, Amita Kapoor, Shallu Sharma, Bhanvi Shukla,Monica Gupta ,Pragya Kaushik, Shreshtha Pushkar

229 Fatigue Crack Growth Life Prediction for a Stiffened Panel With Landing Gear Opening Cutout Using Mvcci Method.

-Amit Kumar Shrivastava, Manjunath H S, Aravinda D, N Shashikanth

230 Ontology Learning

-Sonam Mittal, Gaurav Sahu

231 Review On Stenography Tools

-Satyavan M. Kunjir ,Shobhana D. Patil, Shaiqua Jabeen, Shubhangi V. Bhosale

232 Design of Three Wheeler Shuttle Vehicle

-Shubham S. Limkar , Rajvardhan C. Ambupe , Abhijeet Y. Kedge, Ketan S. Kumbhar, Pratik S. Patil

233 Controlling Mouse Pointer Using Web Cam

-Gaurav Sahu, Sonam Mittal

234 Seismic Analysis of Rc Frame with Masonry in fill Walls Using Etabs

-Jebin James

235 A Review on Designing of 4 Bit Alu Using Gdi Technique At 45NM, 32NM, 22NM

-Sheetal Bhojane, Paurnima Chaudhari, Mayur More , D.S.Patil

236 Environmental Assessment and Pollution Mitigation of Wind Power Generation in Indian


237 Efficient Database Search Facilitating Eye Movement Biometric Identification in Banking System

-Harish Yadav, Kumkum Yadav

238 Analysis of GNP based composite materials : A review on the application of various GNP-Rubber composite materials in high temprature applications

-Sebastian .C.S, Anoop P

239 An Experimental Investigation on Partial Replacement of Cement by Glass Powder in Concrete

-Harish B A, Hanumesh B M, Siddesh T M, Siddhalingesh B K

240 Reserve Estimation Using Volumetric Method

-Rejas Rasheed, Avinash Kulkarni

241 Effect Of POD Controlled Ultra capacitors For Frequency Stability Enhancement By Means Of UFLS Scheme

-G.Rana prathap, K.Venu Gopal Reddy, M.Rama Sekhara Reddy

242 Implementation of Two Wheeled Self Balancing Platform

-B.S.B. Vamsi Krishna, P.Mallikarjuna Rao

243 A Comprehensive Review on Advance Mechanism For Secure Image Data Transmission

-Ayoushi Kaul, Omkar Bhosale, Ambika Shastri, Prajit Karande, Varsha Dange

244 A Review on Optimization of Machining Parameters in ECDM

-Aparna Prakash Yadav, V. B. Sabnis, Omkar Prakash Yadav

245 Estimation of Vibration Response of Reciprocating Engine Crankshaft

-Dipak Gulhane, G.D.Mehta, S.M.Awatade

246 Smartphones Addiction Control Using Priority Based Scheduling

-Shubham Bagade, Shubhangi Haral, Rushikesh Kulkarni, Vandana Pawar, Swapnil Chaudhary

247 Improving Strength of Soil using Fiber and Fly ash -A Review

-Mamta Mishra, U. K. Maheshwari , N. K. Saxena

248 Self Adaptive Design Implementation of Auto Tuning Algorithm for PI Controller in Real Time pH Neutralization Plant Operation

-Naregalkar Akshay, Syed Suhail Ahmed Ali

249 Design Analysis and Failure Modes of Leaf Spring in Suspension System

-Yogesh Nikam, Avinash Badadhe

250 Design and Analysis of Hydraulic Scissor Lift By FEA

-Sabde Abhijit Manoharrao, Jamgekar R.S.

251 Mixing Matrix Estimation of Audio Signals By Independent Component Analysis

-V.Venkata Narayana, I.Santhi Prabha

252 A Forecasting Method Based on Combining Automatic Clustering Technique and Fuzzy Relationship Groups

-Nghiem Van Tinh

253 Application of Neutrosophic Rough Set in Multi Criterion Decision Making on two universal sets

-C. Antony Crispin Sweety, I. Arockiarani

254 Study and Analysis of LTE-Advanced Systems at 2.6 GHz for Indoor Large Hall

-Nitish Chowdhary, Simranjeet Kaur, Sourabh Mahajan


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