Vol 2 Issue 3

Volume 2- Issue-3 June-2015
01 Asset Evaluation of Photovoltaic Systems in Residential Applications in Vietnam

-Bui Huy Binh, Nguyen Trong Giap, Nguyen Minh

02 Crash Analysis for Energy Absorption of Frontal Rails of a Passenger Car

-Raymond Joseph, M.A. Kamoji

 03 Gsm Based Electric Energy Consumption Reporting In Steel Industry

-R.Suresh, M.Rajanderan,M.Dhanasu, N.SuthanthiraVanitha

04 Durability of Concrete in Which Fine Aggregate Is Soil

-T.S. Thandavamoorthy

05 A Survey on Security Challenges in Routing Protocols and Schema in MANET-Muskan,Nitin Pandey 05
06 Analysis of Perceptual Hashing System for Secure and Robust Image Hashing-Sahana M S, Veena S K 06
07 A Review on Energy efficient Optimization of clustering process in WSN designs using PSO & BFO

-Sayali Datir, Narendra Narole

08 Assessment of different types of in-vessel composters and its effect on stabilization of MSW compost

-Nabam Rich, Ajay Bharti

09 Study on Impact of Sea Level Rise and Extreme Sea State on Coastal Inundation in Tamil Nadu

-Hezron Philip J,S. Jayalakshmi

10 Analysis of G+15 RCC and Composite Structure Having a Soft Storey at Ground Level by Response Spectrum and Equivalent Static Methods Using ETABS 2013

-Umesh P. Patil, Suryanarayana M

11 BER Analysis Using Log-Map Decoding Algorithm for Turbo Codes Channel

– Anil Kumar Dubey, Ruchika Doda

12 A note on Trigonometric moments of Marshall – Olkin Stereographic Circular Logistic Distribution

-Y. Phani, V. Sastry. Ch , S.V.S. Girija , A. V. Dattatreya Rao

13 Study and Identification of Powdery Mildew Disease for Betelvine Plant Using Digital Image Processing With High Resolution Digital Camera-Nutankumar S. Jane, Anupama P.Deshmukh  13
14 Energy Efficient Techniques in WSN: A Review

-M. D. Umale, S. S. Awate, V. N. Gavali

15 Boosting the Privacy of Real Time Data With Differential Privacy

-Neeta Patil, Pankaj Agarkar

16 Reliability Analysis of Static Response of Structures With Irregularities

-Bharath D,B S Jayashankar Babu

17 Failure detection of sensor nodes based on Round Trip Delay and Paths in Wireless Sensor Networks

-Nevidhitha Bonnita. P, Dr.Nalini.N, Mohan.B.A

18 Prediction of Network Security Based On Grey Theory Technique

-Abhijeet V. Sagare , S.K. Pathan

19 A Novel Converter Topology for SRM

-Alex joy, Arun Varghese, Danil Xavier,Remya K.P

20 Achieving Enhanced Life-time of Wireless Sensor Network using Dual Hop Clustering Algorithm over Leach Protocol

-Pooja H A , Shivaraj V.B

21 Examination of Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Composites: A Review

-Bharath SV, T. Madhusudhan

22 Reinforcement Learning Framework for Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks

-Ankit B. Patel, Hitesh B. Shah

23 Computation of Cardiac Quiescent in Mitral Valve Region

-S.Ashvini, G.N.Jayabhavani

24 Simulative Analysis of AODV Routing Protocol Of MANET Using OPNET Modeler 14.0

-Charu Sharma, Jaspreet kaur

25 Survey on Data Hiding in Encrypted Images

-Aniket Kesharwani   , Hemant Gupta

26 Labor Productivity-Analysis and Ranking

-B.Prakash Rao , Ambika Sreenivasan , Prasad Babu NV

27 Dynamic Environment Monitoring and Alerting System in WSN

-P. Marikkannu, R.Priyanka

28 Nonlinear Companding Transform Algorithm for Suppression of PAPR in OFDM Systems

-P. Guru Vamsikrishna Reddy, C. Subhas

29 The Impact of Web Technologies on Effective Learning

-L. Jayasimman, B. Senthil Kumar,  Nisha Jebaseeli

30 An Efficient Video Watermarking Using Color Histogram Analysis and Bitplane Image Arrays

-G Prakash,TVS Gowtham Prasad ,T.Ravi Kumar Naidu

31 A Prototype for a Grid based Indian Rural Health Care System

-P.Vishvapathi, S.Ramachandram, A.Govadhan

32 A Walk Through Of AWS (Amazon Web Services)

-Arabolu Chandra Sekhar, R. Praveen Sam

33 Architecture of SQL Azure

-Arabolu Chandra Sekhar, R. Praveen Sam

34 Grid Theory and Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI)

-Arabolu Chandra Sekhar, R. Praveen Sam

35 Interactive Voice Response by Cloud Computing as a Service

-Arabolu Chandra Sekhar, R. Praveen Sam

36 Microsoft Hyper – V Network Virtualization

-Arabolu Chandra Sekhar, R. Praveen Sam

37 Roles and Secrets of IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service) for Cloud Computing

-Arabolu Chandra Sekhar, R. Praveen Sam

38 Eye Detection in Frontal Face Images

-M Ashwini, Nabashree Chakravarty, Nandini M, Rachana R Gaikwad, Myna A N

39 Circularly Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna with Artificial Ground Structure for Wideband Applications

-T. Chandra Sekhar, T. Ravi Kumar Naidu , S. Thulasi Prasad

40 Design and Comparison of power consumption of Multiplier using adiabatic logic and Conventional CMOS logic

-Anchu Krishnan,R.H.Khade, Ajit Saraf

41 Enumeration of size of a T- graphs

-D. Bharathi , J. Kavitha ,  L. Sreenivasulu Reddy

42 Remote Video Monitoring System Using S3C2440 and GPRS

-S. N. Kale  , R. D. Patil

43 Various Frequent Item Set Based On Data Mining Technique

-Manisha Kundal, Parminder Kaur

44 Restoration of Images Corrupted by Mixed Gaussian Impulse Noise with Weighted Encoding

-Om Prakash V. Bhat, Shrividya G, Nagaraj N. S.

45 Open circuit fault detection in PWM voltage source inverter for PMSM drive system

-Anuttar J. Shende

46 A Review On Statistical Analysis Of Filters On Various Noises In MRI and USG Images

-Manasi Rana

47 Aggregating Static and Dynamic Methodologies For PHP Application Security Assessment

-Vishal Vijaykumar Parkar, H. A. Tirmare

48 SCFDE System Using Linear Equalizers for MIMO SystemWith BPSK, QPSK and QAM

-Rupali Hulwan, Sudhirkumar Dhotre

49 A Comparative Study of Power Control of Stand-Alone PV Generation System with & Without MPPT

-Abhijit R. Singare, Sandeep R. Gaigowal, Bharati U. Mahindrakar

50 Rescue Child from Bore well using Embedded System

-S.Gopinath, T.Devika, L.Manivannan, N.Suthanthira Vanitha

51 Analysis of Single and Multi Resonance Point in Reactance Characteristics of TCSC Device

-Manojkumar Patil1, Santosh Kompeli

52 Modeling and Emulation of Control Panel Instruments for PFBR Operator Training Simulator

-H.Seetha, N.Jasmine, T.Jayanthi, S.A.V.SatyaMurty

53 Energy-Efficient Uplink Design for Multi-User MIMO Systems in a Single Cell Environment

-B Pallavi , C. Subhas

54 The Study on Tension and Shear Behavior Variation in different combination of Polymer Composites: A Review

-Pradeepa K.R, T. Madhusudhan

55 Simulation of Three Phase Induction Motor Drive System for Power Factor Correction-Vikram Prasad, D.P. Kothari  55
56 A Literature Review on Arrhythmia Analysis of ECG Signal 

-S.T.Sanamdikar , S.T.Hamde ,V.G.Asutkar

57 Performance Evaluation of Bullock Drawn Farm Yard Manure Spreader

A.K. Jain , A. K. A. Lawrence

58 Earned Value Analysis on an Ongoing Residential Building Project in Bangalore, India

-B. Prakash Rao , Jacob Cherian

59 Evaluation of Soil-Structure Interaction Effects on Multistory RCC Structure

-P.A.Sangave, A.G.Ghalimath

60 High Speed Non-Linear Carry Select Adder

-D.Srimathi, G.N.Jayabhavani

61 PNC Based Distributed MAC Protocol in Wireless Networks

-Gowdara Rajasekhar Gowda, B R Sujatha

62 Review of Image Fusion Techniques

-Shalima, Rajinder Virk

63 Review of Underwater Image Enhancement Techniques

-Sonam Bharal

 64 A Novel Scheme for Wireless Connectivity for Multimedia Services in High Speed Trains

-V.SreeLakshmi , C. Subhas

65 Controllers used in pH Neutralization Process: A Review

-Snehal D. Kambale, Sebastian George, R. G. Zope

66 Application of Speaker Recognition on Biometric

-Sumanta Karmakar, Soumitra Mukhopadhyay

67 Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks based on Centralized and Distributed Heuristic methods

-Swetha K, Hussana Johar R B, B.R.Sujatha

68 Layered architecture for DoS attack detection system by combine approach of Naive bayes and Improved K-means Clustering Algorithm

-Mangesh Salunke, Ruhi Kabra, Ashish Kumar

69 Black Spots Analysis on Pune – Solapur National Highway

-S. U.Bobade, Dr.J.R.Patil , R.R.Sorate

70 Nanocavity Based Optical Pressure Sensor

-Mohankumar B S, Indira Bahaddur

71 Seamless Handover Scheme in Broadband Wireless Communication Systems for High- Speed Rail

-Rajkumar Bhojraja, C.Subhas

72 Cloud Testing – A Systematic Review

-Tamanna Siddiqui , Riaz Ahmad

73 Time Synchronization Over an Aircraft Network Using Precision Time Protocol

-P. Jayaraj , Shailee. S

74 Synthesis, structural, spectral and optical characterization of Barium Bis- Paranitrophenolate paranitrophenol Tetrahydrate (BBPT) NLO single crystal

-S. Selvakumar , S. Arockia Avila , M. Francis, Vasant Sathe ,A. Leo Rajesh

75 Effect Of Reinforcement Orientation On Compressive Strength Of Ferrocement and Bitumen Ferrocement

-Mitali Patil,  J.R. Patil , S. D. Khandekar , S. D. Yadav

76 A Case Study on Various Defects Found In a Gear System

-V.S.Panwar, S.P.Mogal

77 Efficient Periodicity Mining using Circular Autocorrelation in Time Series Data

-Y. B. Malode, D. B. Khadse, D. V. Jamthe

78 A Low cost E-Billing and Supply control using Power Line Communication

-Priyanka R Daware, S.S.Patil

79 Effect of High Voltage Transmission Lines on Human Health, Plant Life, and Animal Activity

-Anirudh Balaji

80 Implementation of Positive Output Super Lift Luo Converter for Photo Voltaic System

K.Prasanna, D.Kirubakaran, J.Rahulkumar,  J.A. Rudhran

81 Crashworthiness and Evaluation of Washing Machine in Two Product Clamping Simulation

-Sangam Patil, M. A. Kamoji

 82 Implementing Encryption Algorithm for Addressing GSM Security Issues

-Mandar M. Kulkarni, Anant S.Bhide,Amruta M. Kulkarni, Prafulla P.Chaudhari

83 Decay in juice quality due to staling under different climatic conditions


84 Investigation of Ci Diesel Engine Emission Control And Performance Parameters Using Biodiesel with YSZ Coated Piston Crown

-G Bharath Goud, C T Dheeraj Kumar Singh


Arvind T. Wadgure, Ishan P. Lade, Prashim K. Kamble, Runali V. Kaware

86 Solar Power Adsorption Ice Maker System

-A.V.Kanade , A.V.Kulkarni, D.A.Deshmukh

87 A proficient process for Dynamic Location Management in Wireless Communication Networks

-Manu Srivastava, Rajesh Kumar Yadav

88 Design and Fabrication of Externally Driven Liquid Cavitation Heating System

-Mukesh, Nayana P Shetty

89 Modeling Of Photovoltaic Module

-P. B. Mahajan, A. A. Bhole

90 Power quality enhancement by using cascaded h bridge multilevel inverter based DSTATCOM-S. B. Sakunde, V. D. Bavdhane  90
91 Analysis of Social Media Attacks and Classify Advances to Preserve

-Hardik Gohel, Alpana Upadhyay, Priyanka Sharma

92 Construction and Demolition Waste Management in India

-Harish. P. Gayakwad , Neha. B. Sasane

93 Selection of Effective Procurement Management Method and Study of Other Parameters Affecting Procurement Management

– Rohit S. Agawane , J. R. Patil,  Maruthi S.

94 Review Paper on Novel Communication Technique: BLUEJACKING

-Pankaj Gakare, Yogita Dhole

95 Robust PID Controllers for Time Delay Systems in Wireless Network Environment

-Daya Sagar Sahu, Sunil Sharma

96 Personal Credentials Verification Using Signature and Iris Recognition

-Aishwarya R, M G Srinivasa,Sheshagiri Jois

 97 DCT Based Watermark embedding into mid frequency of DCT coefficients Using Luminance Component

– T. Bhaskar,   D. Vasumathi

98 Alleviation of Salinity Stress In Groundnut by Application Of PGPR

-Ghorai.S, Pal.K.K, Dey, R. 

99 Advance Distance Protection of Transmission Line in Presence of Shunt Compensator

-Ajaysingh T.Chandan, K.Venkata Rama Mohan, Santhosh Kompelli, Arvind R.Singh

100 A New Approach for Congestion Control for TCP/AQM System in Wireless Network Environment

-A. Lata Rao, Sunil Sharma

101 Reduction of work in process and finding critical machines and bottle necks using simulation and Design of Experiments

-Sundar.J, Vivekanand Venkataraman

102 Bilingual Script Identification of Printed Text Image

-Inderpreet Kaur, Saurabh Mahajan

103 Experimental Investigation and Mechanical Behavior of A356.1 Aluminium Alloy Matrix Composite Reinforced With Silicon Carbide

-Puneeth H M, Girish K B, B H Vasudevamurthy

104 Redesigning the Layout of Metro Car Body Assembly to reduce Interdependency in Assembly lines.

-Shashank , S. Bharath

105 Closed Loop Control of Single-Input Multiple-Output DC–DC Converter

-B.Uma MaheswaraRao ,K.Nagalingachari, L.Sri ram

106 Software As A Service: A Brief Study

-Barinder Kaur

107 Development and Performance Evaluation of Nursery Fertilizer Mixer Using Human Powered Flywheel Motor as Source Of Energy

-H S Bhatkulkar , J P Modak

108 Study of Effect of Various Fillers on Mechanical Properties of Carbon-Epoxy Composites

-Nikhil B. Anigol, Anil S. Pol

109 FPGA Implementation of PI/2 BPSK and PI/4 QPSK for IEEE 802.15.6 WBAN Standard

-Ashwini Ningdalli, B.K.Sujatha

110 Resource Allocation in Collaborative Cloud Based On Multi-QoS

-Nithya G Reddy, Vijay Swaroop

111 Effect of growth regulators for the induction of Callus from the apical bud on In Vitro of Rosemary Plant (Rosmarinus officinalis L.)

-Mohammed Mehdi Muhsen AL MASOODY, Florin STANICA

112 Dynamic Pressure Fluctuations on a Trapezoidal Plunge Pool Side Walls and Back wall Due to Circular and Rectangular Water Jets

-Sima, Safarkhani,Seyyed Mahmood, Borghei

113 Review of Natural Convective Heat Transfer from Interrupted Rectangular Fin Array

-T. T. Kapade, D. D. Palande

114 Face Recognition Using Lifting based DWT and Local Binary Pattern

-Sanjana Majumder, Devendran B

115 A Closed loop Single Stage Single Phase Bidirectional Buck-Boost Inverter (SSBBI)

-P.K.S.Sarvesh, L.Sriram, Ch. Phaneendra

116 Enhancing the Operational Effectiveness Of Sewing Segment In Garment Industry by DMAIC Approach.

-Varun, S.Appaiah, Chethan kumar.C.S

 117 Cognizable Recommendation System using Spatial Ratings with Collaborative Filter

-Shilpa Mathapati, Bhuvaneswari Raju

118 Improvement of Heat Transfer Coefficients in a Shell and Helical Tube Heat Exchanger Using Water/Al2o3 Nanofluid

-Vinodkumar, Kiran Voonna, T.K. Tharakeshwar

119 Currency less Transaction in Ubiquitous Computing

-Vaishali Jadhav, Priti Rane

120 Interpretation of Roughness in Compound Channel Using MATLAB

-k.priyadarshinee, L.mohanty

 121 Robustness and Packaging Evaluation of Washing Machine in Rear Inclined Impact Simulation

-Abdul Rehman Khan, S. F. Patil

 122 Speech Emotion Recognition using CART algorithm

-Anand C, Devendran B

123 Modelling and Prediction of NOx emissions from coal fired boilers: Case study

-Vineetha Morris J, Anumod D M

124 Design of High Speed 64×64 Bit Fault Tolerant Reversible Vedic Multiplier

-Akansha Sahu, Anil Kumar Sahu

125 A Survey of OFDM Techniques for Dealing With ISI Problem

-Manpreet Saini, Prabhjot Singh

126 Tribological behavior of AL-lm25 and SiC

-Jalees Ahemad, R.A.Kapgate,N.D.Sadaphal, Y.H.Ahire

127 Maximizing User Contentment by Samba

-Rakesh Kumar Gupta, Tarun Dhar Diwan

128 Distortions analysis in analog circuit with 130nm and 32nm

-Vijay jaiswal , G.U kharat

 129 Localization of License Plate Number Using Dynamic Image Processing Techniques

-Prasad Prakash Sutar, Pravin C. Latane

130 A wideband dual mode horn antenna with tapered discontinuity

-Shweta K. Gohil, Usha Neelakantan

131 Augmenting Speed of SQL DatabaseOperationsUsing NVIDIAGPU

-Sandip M. Walunj, Rajendra A. Patta, Anuraj R. Kurup, Hrishikesh S.Bajad

 132 Acceleration of Video Conversion on the GPU based Cloud

-Sandip M. Walunj, Akash Talole, Gaurav Taori, Sachin Kothawade

 133 Data Mining using Fuzzy Methods

-Vipin Kumar,Sapna Sinha

134 Performance Enhancement of Content Based Medical Image Retrieval for MRI Brain Images Based on Hybrid Approach

-G.Srilakshmi,K.Rama Linga Reddy

135 A Survey Of Interference Avoidance Technique In Hetrogenous Network

-Meena Kumari Sharma, Prabhjot Singh

 136 Optimization of Working Capital for Construction Projects – by Using Karl Pearson’s Co-Relation Co-Efficient Method

-Sagar Pulli, S.S. Jain

137 Performance Based Seismic Evaluation of Multi-Storeyed Reinforced Concrete Buildings Using Pushover Analysis

-S.P. Akshara

 138 Throughput Improvement in Cellular Networks

-Swati M. Patil, Mahesh T.Patil

139 An Experimental Study on Flexural behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beam by Partial Replacement of Fine aggregate with Coal based Brick-Kiln-Ash

-Amith S D, H B Balakrishna

140 Design of Experimentation for Formulation of Experimental Data Based Model for Bamboo Sliver Cutting Operation Using HPFM

-S. K. Undirwade, M.P. Singh, C.N. Sakhale

141 A Flexible Approach for Class Based Encryption and Data Sharing in the Cloud Storage

-vinutha.G , Aishwarya P

142 Enhancement of Road Construction Sector using Automation

-Sameer Javed Momin, Jalindar R. Patil, Rajesh Ramchandra Nale

143 A Solar Evaporative Cooler

-Shardul Jani, Trushit Vaishnav

144 A New Speaker Recognition System with Combined Feature Extraction Techniques in Continuous Speech

Pooja Jaiswal, Praveen Chouksey,Rohit Miri

145 Prediction of Median Lethal Dose by QSAR method with their Applications

-Rajendra Kumar Sharma, Arun Sikarwar, Rajeeev Sharma, Pratibha Sharma

146 A Review: Power efficient Gathering in Sensor Information System (PEGASIS) protocol for WSN

-Patwant Singh, Satbir Singh

147 Heterogeneous Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network: A Survey

-Abhijit Singh, Shashi B. Rana

148 Performance Evaluation of Black Hole Attack and Prevention Using AODV on MANET

Priyanka Sonal Sao, Jageshwer Shriwas, Rohit Miri

149 Privacy Assured Image Stack Management Service in Cloud

-Shubhangi Edake, Sunil Rathod

150 Human Action Recognition Using Background Subtraction Method

-P. Kalaivani, Dr. S. Vimala

151 Patient Monitoring and Alerting System by Using GSM

-Shrenik Suresh Sarade, Nitish Anandrao Jadhav, Mahesh D. Bhambure

152 A Brief Survey on the Techniques Used For the Diagnosis of Diabetes-Mellitus

-Pragati Agrawal, Amit kumar Dewangan

153 Ensuring Alertness in High Risk Areas by Counting Blinks..

-Gaurav Gulhare,Tarun Dhar Diwan

154 A High Performance Clock Distribution Network for System on Chip

-A.Rajesh, B.L.Raju,K.ChennaKesava Reddy

155 Genetic characterization of Leishmania species causing cutaneous leishmaniasis in Iraq

-Abdulsadah A.Rahi

156 Characterization of Leishmania species by using Isozyme analysis

-Abdulsadah A.Rahi , Magda A.Ali, Mohammed F. Al-Marjani

157 Comparison between Neural Network and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Results in Determination of Gender Using Fingerprints

-Suman Sahu, A. Prabhakar Rao, Saurabh Tarun Mishra

158 Turbo Codes with Golden Section Interleaver

-Purushottama G B, B R Sujatha

159 Heat Transfer in MHD Nano Fluid along a Stretching flat Plate With Chemical Reaction and Injection/Sink

-G V P N Srikanth, G.Srinivas, B. Tulasi Lakshmi Devi , Alfunsa Prathiba

160 Control of pH Neutralization Process using Fuzzy Logic: A Review

-Upadhye Priyanka Arun, Sebastian George, S.A.Mobeen

161 Improvement of Tool Point Stiffness of a Lathe Through Improved Bed Design

-Belagavi Vinaya , B.S. Manjunath , J.R.K Murthy

162 Precession of Surface Roughness by CNC End Milling

-K. Srinivasa Rao , N. Sravani, N.V.Aravind Prasad ,M.Sindhuja,D. Lohith  

163 Enhancing Fast Retransmission and Fast Recovery in Cloud Mobile Media

-B.Raveendar, P.Marikannu

 164 Association Rules Filtration using Dynamic Methods

-Monika Mangla, Rakhi Akhare

165 Experimental Study on Ci Engine Performance Using Bio Diesel Blends

-P.V.Ramana, P.RamanathReddy , C.Balaram , A.Sharath kumar

166 Mathematical Model of H¥ Control Algorithm for a Compressed Natural Gas Converted Diesel Engine

-Muhidin Arifin, Abdul Aziz Hassan

167 Group Security Model in Wireless Sensor Network using Identity Based Cryptographic Scheme

-Asha A, Hussana Johar, B R Sujatha

 168 Implementation of Genetic Algorithm for Combined Routing and Dimensioning for Dynamic WDM Networks

-Bhuthesh H K, Triveni C L

169 Optimization of CI Engine Performance Parameters for Jatropha Biodiesel Blending Fuel by Using ANN Software

-Ganesh H. Kawade, S. T. Satpute, K. A. Parane

170 On Demand Retrieval of Crowd Sourced Mobile Video streaming and sharing the video: CCMVA

-Babruvan R. Solunke, Santosh M. Dodamani, Mahejabeen A. Kalburgi

171 Implementation of Android Based Mobile Phone Search Engine and Live Image Sender

-Tarun Dhar Diwan, Durga Chandrakar

172 A Novel Technique for Secure, Lossless Steganography with Unlimited Payload

Swati Balbhadra, Jageshwar Shrivas, Rohit Miri

173 Analysis and Evaluation of Pca Technique For Complex Facial Images

-Rachana Tiwari,Kamlesh Lahre

174 Experimental Analysis of Cooling Fins

-Manuja Pandey, Utkarsh Prasad, Vineet Kumar, Nafish Ahmed

175 Conceptual Design and Analysis of High Pressure Ball Valve

-Mahesh Kamkar, S.R.Basavaraddi

176 Implementation of Lean Manufacturing concepts for Common Rail Pump assembly at Bosch limited, Bangalore

-Nagesh S, NVR Naidu

177 Detection of Fault Location by Phasor Measurement Units

-Mushir Uddin,  Hurpade Santosh Namdeorao, Datkhile Sagar.Namdev.

 178 Utilization of Waste Materials in Pavement Construction

-Axay Shah, Amit Macwan , Farhan Vahora , Nirmal Patel, Nisarg Gajjar

 179 Pre-Processing Technique for Brain Tumor Detection andSegmentation

-Sheela.V.K , S. Suresh Babu

180 Seismic Behavior of SPSW Steel Framed Buildings

-Mohammed Abdul Rizwan, Tejas D. Doshi

181 Cost Comparison between Conventional and Flat Slab Structures

-Amrut Manvi, Sandeep Gouripur, Pooja Sambrekar, Ramanjeetkaur, Kishor S. Kulkurni

 182 Cancer Cell Detection Using Distributed Canny Edge Detector

-Neethu .P R

183 An Effective Use of Poka Yoke for a New Process In Assembly Line

-Ishani kar, Shobha R, Anuj Rajan

184 Contact Stress Analysis of a Roller Conveyor

-Prayag. R. Shirolkar, Uday. B. Khadabadi ,  Vikas Adavale

185 Modeling of an Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol over MANET’s

-Mohit P. Kalmegh, S.M.Deshmukh

186 Advanced Fault Injection Tool for Memory Unit

-Vineetha valsalan

187 Studies on Utilization of Chromium Impregnated Buffing Dust as a Modifier in Bitumen

-S.B.Kalaichelvi, K.Mohandoss , G.Sekaran

188 Models for MATLAB and XSG Simulink based Edge Detection Operations

-Dushyant Mankar, S.S.Mungona

 189 Document Processing By Automatic Color Form Dropout

-Ankush D. Kadu, P. R. Deshmukh

190 Runtime Environment for Data Stream Management in Healthcare Monitoring System Using Wireless Technologies

Bhagyashree sahu, Rohit Miri

191 Application of DVR for Power Quality Improvement

-Shabnam Rukhsar, D.P. Kuthari

192 On Fractional Operational Calculus pertaining to the product of H- functions

-V.B.L. Chaurasia, J.C. Arya

193 Utilization of Solar Energy for Driving a Water Pumping System

-Balkeshwar Singh , Anil Kumar Mishra

194 Optimization for Fluctuation in Resource Demands in Construction Projects

-Maruthi S, J.R.Patil, Rohit S. Agawane

195 Implementation of Hybrid Cloud Approach for Secure Authorized Deduplication

-Jadapalli Nandini, Ramireddy Navateja Reddy

 196 A study on keyword searchable frameworks for efficient data utilization in cloud storage

-Bhagyashree M V, Pushpalatha M N

197 F-Share for Hand Held Devices Using Wi-Fi Bluetooth Network

-Ajita A.Mahapadi, Soumitra Das

 198 System Identification Using Neural Network Model for Speed Control of DC Motor

-Dinesh L. Mute, Khushal Chaudhari, Ramesh Khamari , Abhijit Singare

199 Unsteady MHD Forced Convection Flow and Mass Transfer along a Vertical Stretching Sheet with Heat Source / Sink and Variable Fluid Properties

-P. R. Sharma ,Manisha Sharma , R. S. Yadav

200 Overview on Routing Protocols In VANET

-Rajinder Kaur, Shashi B. Rana

 201 Performance Analysis of OLSR using BFO

-Rajinder Kaur, Shashi B. Rana

202 Image Retrieval Based On Color and Texture Features Modification in Watermarking TechniqueModification in Watermarking Technique

-Sunita Dinkar,Kamlesh Lahre

 203 Analysis of Various Phase Change Materials and its Application for Solar Water Thermal Storage System

-Ganesh Patil, C.H.Bhosale, N.N.Shinde, M.M.Wagh

 204 To Investigate Dry Sliding Wear Of Micro Arc Oxidated Al 6061

-Upinder Singh, Jasbir Singh Ratol, Jaspreet Singh Oberoi

 205 Design and Implementation of RWA for Optical WDM Networks

-Niranjan Dasar,Triveni C L


-K. Satyanarayana Raju, Avala Ramulu

 207 Design of CMOS Galois field arithmetic logic unit using 120nm BSIM-4 model

-Gauri Poshattiwar, Seema S Wasnik

208 Congestion Management by Generator Rescheduling and FACTS Devices using Multi Objective Genetic Algorithm

-S.Sivakumar, D.Devaraj

 209 Finite Element Analysis and Optimization of ‘c’ Types Hydraulic 200ton Press

-Rangraj S More, Shreenidhi R Kulkarni

 210 A Comparative Study on Mobile Devices for Learning

-B. Senthil Kumar, L. Jayasimman, Nisha Jebaseeli

211 Novel Method of Evaluating the Steady- State Performance Characteristics of Three Phases Self Excited Induction Generator

-Salila M. Jena, Yogesh Chaudahri, A.S Kale

212 The Application of Pattern Recognition Technology in the Diagnosis and Analysis on the Multiclass Cancer Detection

Pratibha Sao, Praveen Chouksey, Rohit Miri

213 Topology Optimization and Structural Analysis of Simple Column and Short Pressurized Beams Using Optimality Criterion Approach in ANSYS

-Kishan Anand, Anadi Misra

214 To Study of the Different Modes of Tillage for the Performance of Sugarcane Cutter Planter

-Manish Kumar,Ashok Tripathi

215 A Review on Different Approaches in Field of Image Restoration

-Navjot Kaur, ramanpreet Kaur

216 Demosaicing

-Navjot Kaur,Sandeep Sharma

217 Automation of Shopping Cart to Ease Queue in Malls by using RFID

-yathisha L, Abhishek A, Harshith R, Darshan Koundinya S R,Srinidhi K M

 218 Finite Element Analysis of Flight Control Servo Actuator Test Loading Rig

-Anil Surendra Khot, M. D. Deshpande

219 Review and Analysis of Task Scheduling Algorithms

-Chinam Bajaj, Anu Dogra, Gurvinder Singh

220 Review and Analysis of Fusion Model for the Classification of Lung Cancer Disease Using Genetic Algorithm

-Neha Sharma, Anil Kumar

221 Performance and Evaluation of Sugar & Distillery Effluent Treatment Plant

-Chidanand Patil, P.B.Kalburgi,Mugdha Ghorpade

222 Waste Management Practices in Gadhinglaj (Survey Analysis)

Parag S. Dawane ,  Sagar M. Gawande

 223 Maintenance and Modernization to Increase Prevention of the Railway Accident

-Surabhi Chincholkar, Kamlesh Lahre, Rohit Miri

224 Modeling and digital control of a synchronous buck converter for variable frequency operation

-Kotha.Ayyappa,P.Deepak Reddy

225 Efficient Image Design Using Natural image based VSS Scheme by Different Image Media

-Sreenivasa T V, M. N Ravikumar

226 Analysis of Receiver for MCCDMA

-Abhinav,Ashish Nandal

227 A Review on Turbo Codes using Different Algorithms

-Poonam,Bhavneesh Malik, Gaurav Kochar

228 Value addition to unutilized iron oxide generated from spent acid in chloride route TiO2 manufacturing process

-I.Shajahan, J.George, S.Sivasankaran, K.Nair

229 Experimental Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Cavity Walls with Burnt Brick for Building Envelop

-Abhijeet Kamble, S. Bhosale, M. M. Wagh

230 A Systematic Design Approach for Low-Power 3-Bit 1 MS/s, 5v MDAC for Pipeline ADC and Design of 6 Bit Pipeline ADC using 3-Bit MDAC

-Ankush Bhalaria, Kailash Karad, Jaswantsing Rajput

231 Effect of Machining Parameters on Surface Roughness of Al-7075 Alloy in End Milling

-R.N.Nimase, P. M. Khodke

232 The Role of Biometric Technology in Information Security

-Tofig Kazimov, Shafagat Mahmudova

233 Analysis of Effects of Quench Nozzle on Pressure Vessel Design – A Review

-Jayashri P. Wagh, Girish B. Pawar, Ajit R. Mane, Yuvraj P. Ballal

234 Experimental Analysis of Solar Air Dryer for Agricultural Products

-Sushrut S. Halewadimath, Prajwal Subbhapurmath, Naveen Havaldar, Karthik Hunashikatti, Siddharth Gokhale

235 Experimental Investigation of CNC Turning Of Aluminum Using Taguchi Method

-Sujit Kumar Jha , Pramod K Shahabadkar

 236 Comparative study of Conventional Molding and Virtual Molding Process

-Dinesh B. Shinde, Prashant Shende, sushama D. Pohane, Harshal Kuttarmare

237 Management of Tendu Leaf In Solapur City

-Amol R.Naik, Sagar M. Gawande

238 Performance Analysis of doped and undoped AlGaN/GaN HEMTs

-Smitha G S, Meghana V , Narayan T. Deshpande

239 Spoofing Recognition for Face with Masks: AnAnalysis

-SruthiMol. P, Pradheeba.P

240 Small-scale Industrial wastewater Analysis in Gadhinglaj City

Sunil S. Pattanshetti. Sagar M. Gawande

 241 Observations on the Biquadratic Equation with Five Unknowns

-M.A.Gopalan, A.Kavitha, R.Kiruthika

242 Balanced Reputation Detective System (BREDS): Proposed Algorithm

-Pallavi Bansal, Narender Singh

243 Modified Iterative Centralized Administration Load Balanced Protocol (MICALBP): The proposed Model

-Minakshi Dandyal , Sandeep Kumar

 244 Fatigue Analysis of Tractor Trailer Chassis

-Venukumar R Bankapur, Sanjeev. A. Janawade

245 A Review on the Progress of Non-Volatile Memory Device Based on Electric-Pulse Induced Phase Transition

-Tapan Kumar Chakraborty

 246 Use of Superabsorbent Polymers In Internally Cured Concrete- A Review

-Kenneth Sequeira, Raghu H. Naik, B. H. V. Pai

247 PHOTOLYSIS: Case Studies for Organophosphate Pesticides Treatment

-Randhavane Shrikant B, A.K.Khambete

 248 Modeling & Simulation of Emergency Power Supply System and Emergency Transfer Scheme for PFBR Operator Training Simulator

-B. SubbaRaju, K. VijayaKumar, H.Seetha,T. Jayanthi, S.A.V.SatyaMurty

249 A Review on Complexity Results for Some Eigenvector Problems

-Manjeet, Ms. Vinay

250 Decay of Maximally Entangled Bell States

-Manju Bhatt, Umesh Chandra Johri

 251 A Talk on Cloud Capacity Management

-Narahari Narasimhaiah ,R. Praveen Sam 

252 An Introduction to Map Reduce Approach to Distribute Work Using New Set of Tools 

-Narahari Narasimhaiah, R. Praveen Sam

253 Theory and Features Of SAAS (Software As A Service) For Cloud Computing

-Narahari Narasimhaiah, R. Praveen Sam

254 Automatic Detection and Reconstruction of Building Footprints from Single VHR SAR Images

-Arpita Sushrut Halewadimath

255 Stress Analysis of Mechanisms for Trolley-Cum-Wheelchair at 170 0

-Praful R.Randive, Suyogkumar w.Balbuddhe

256 Rice and Jute yield forecast over Bihar region

-Sandeep K. Parbat, R.K. Giri, K.K Singh, A.K. Baxla

257 Diagnosis of Power Transformer Faults based on different Fuzzy Method

-Seema, Ashish Nandal

258 Remote Monitoring Energy Management System using LonWorks and Modbus Communication Protocol

-C. Sethuraman, Pankaj Jood, Kota Srinivas

259 Defect Analysis on Cast Wheel by Six Sigma Methodology to Reduce Defects and Improve the Productivity in Wheel Production Plant

-C.Manohar, A.Balakrishna

260 Investigation on industrial area soil from Karaikal, Puducherry State using FT-IR, XRD, SEM and Thermal analyses.-R. Selvaraju ,N. Oumabady Alias Cannane, M. Rajendran, G. Thiruppathi  260
261 Performance Measurement of Various Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network Services.

 -Tarun Dhar Diwan,Vikas Dubey

262 Biosand Water Filter: A Boon

-Deepali Jadhav, M. Husain, F.I.Chavan

 263 Removal of Lead (Ii) From Aqueous Solution Using Natural and Activated Rice Husk

-Rajkumar V. Raikar , Sefra Correa , Praveen Ghorpade

264 Optimization of Demand Based Remanufacturing Cost Estimation Model

-L.K.Toke, A.D.Lokhande ,P.V. Fegade

265 Earned Value Analysis on an Ongoing Residential Building Project in Bangalore, India

-B. Prakash Rao , Jacob Cherian

266 Subnet Shortest Path Pseudocode based on Dijkstra’s Algorithm

-Salah Elrofai, Abdeen Abdelkareem

267 Tribological Aspects of Agricultural Equipments: A Review

-Parvinkal Singh Mann, Navjeet Kaur Brar

268 Perceptually Motivated Robust Principal Component Analysis Based Separation of Singing Voice from Music

-Madhuri A. Patil, S. P. Bhosale

269 Transmits Beam forming and Receiver Design for MIMO Radar

-Nilesh Arun Bhavsar, Arati J. Vyavahare ,Swati Gawhale

 270 A Review of Lane Detection Techniques

-GurjyotKaur , Gagandeeop Singh

 271 Performance Evaluation of Wireless Sensor Network using Genetic Algorithm

-S. D. Chavan , A. V. Kulkarni, Neeta Patil

272 Accelerate Execution of CUDA Programs for Non GPU Users Using GPU in the Cloud

-Sandip M. Walunj

 273 Comparison of Multi-Storey Building with Normal Beams and Concealed Beams

-Akash.C.Arakere,TejasD. Doshi

274 Controlling of different electronic devices by RC5 remote

-Sowjanya M N, Bettisha Baby Thomas, Kavana.J, Pooja B S , Prathima R

275 Interactive Visualization – A Review

-S. Leelalakshmi , K. Rameshkumar

 276 Experimental Investigation On A Convergent-Divergent Shrouded Small Scale Wind Turbine

-E. S. Prakash,Madhukeshwara N, Veeresh G. Gunjalli, Dadapeer D

 277 Modeling a Shroud for the Wind Turbine and Carrying a Fluid Flow Analysis Using CFD Software Package

-E. S. Prakash,Madhukeshwara N, Veeresh G. Gunjalli, Dadapeer D

278 Experimental Investigation of Wire EDM to Optimize Dimensional Deviation of EN8 Steel through Taguchi’s Technique

-Pradeep Singh, Arun Kumar Chaudhary, Tirath Singh, Amit Kumar Rana

279 The importance of self-management mechanisms to ensure software safety

-Tamilla Bayramova

280 A Method for Increasing of Metallic Bone Implant Performance

-Rohollah Askarpour, Seyed Ebrahim Vahdat

281 Experimental Investigation on Flexural Performance of Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete

-S. Eswari

282 Repair of Damaged Reinforced Concrete Beam Externally Bonded With GFRP Plates

-Sarita R. Khot, H.S.Jadhav

283 An Advance Approach to Avoid Unwanted Messages and Blocking Of Person from OSN Users Wall

-Prajakta Yerawar, Pankaj Agarkar

 284 Vibration control of cantilever beam using SMA Springs in Series

-R. B. Barjibhe, Bimlesh Kumar

285 A Review on Design Developments in Bicycle

-Gicky Jose Malppan , Tom Sunny

286 Subtractive Genomics – A Promising way To Combat Pathogens – A Review

-Pratheek J Madabhavi, V G Shanmuga priya, Rakesh N R,Preeti S Honagudi, Surekha Jiddagi

287 Performance and Emission Characteristics of Producer Gas derived from Coconut Shell (Biomass) and Honne Biodiesel with different Configuration of carburetor for dual fuel four stoke direct injection diesel engine

-Tukaram Hadkar,H. K. Amarnath

288 Comparative Study on RCC and CFT Multi-Storeyed Buildings

-Faizulla Z Shariff, Suma Devi

289 Development of Mg-SO42-/ZrO2 Heterogeneous Catalyst forming Biodiesel from Karanja Oil

-Sunder Lal, Richa Tomer, Deeptiraj Pant, Ramswaroop Singh Thakur

290 Solution of Partial Integro-Differential Equations by using Laplace, Elzaki and Double Elzaki Transform Methods

-Gore(Jagtap) Jyotsana S , Gore Shukracharya S

291 Optimized Modem Design for SDR Applications

-Laxmi Dundappa Chougale, Umesharaddy

292 Non Linear Static Analysis of Asymmetric building with and without Shear Wall

-Sharath Irappa Kammar, Tejas D. Doshi

293 A Study on Probability Failure of a Column in RC Frame

-Manjunath J, K Manjunath, Naveen Kumar S

294 Comparison of Multi-Storey Building with Normal Beams and Concealed Beams

-Akash.C.Arakere , Tejas D. Doshi

295 Comparative performance analysis of diesel and waste cooking oil (WCO) biodiesel on single cylinder engine-Manpreet Saini, Prabhjot Singh  295
 296 An Efficient Differential Evolutionary approach to Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch with Voltage Profile Improvement

-Bhaskar Mahanta , Barnali Goswami

297 Traffic Redundancy and Elimination approach to Reduce cloud Bandwidth and Costs

-Ushanandini Balu, Resmi. S

298 Pipe Inspection System: A Review

-Pramar P. Bakane, Prashant Mujbaile

299 Topology Optimization of Modified Piston, Bridge Structures and Subway Tunnel Problem

-Akash Dhiman, Anadi Misra

300 Enhanced Data Transmission in Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Networks

-Rasoolbee R, Manjula M

301 Medical decision support system using Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping& Fuzzy Inference System.

-Abid Hussain M,D.Chitraprasa

302 Study of MANET Routing Protocols TORA, LDR, ZRP. TORA, LDR, ZRP.


303 Analysis of RF CMOS Low Noise Amplifier at Different Operating Frequency & Technology

-Gunjan S. Gotmare, Mr. Arpit Yadav , Sanjay Badjate

304 Static Analysis of Connecting Rod for Weight optimization

-F.A.Pathan, M.K.Wasekar

305 Case Study on Implant Material

-A.G. Pawar, K.B.Bansode

306 Visualization – A Review
-K.Tamilselvi, K.Ramesh Kumar
307 Design and Analysis of Digital PID Controller-Bhakti Khandalkar, Amit Lamba ,  Vipin Bhure  307
308 Study of Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fiber by Influence of Filler Materials

-Shankarlinga B Shikkeri, Srinivas V G , Anil S Pol

309 Topology Optimization of Modified Piston, Bridge Structures and Subway Tunnel Problem

-Akash Dhiman , Anadi Misra

310 Comparative Performance of MIMO Channel Estimation Techniques

-Paresh Naik, Nisha S L

311 Comparative Study of Flat Slab and Conventional Slab Structure Using ETABS for Different Earthquake Zones of India

-Mohana H.S, Kavan M.R

312 Increase in Strength of Concrete by Using Bottle Caps

-G.C. Behera, R.K, Behera

313 Application of Waste Plastic as an Effective Construction Material in Flexible Pavement

-Sasane Neha.B , Gaikwad.Harish, J R Patil , S D Khandekar

314 Finite Element Analysis of Truck Chassis Frame

Monika S.Agrawal

315 Sliding Wear of a RRA Treated High Strength Aluminum Alloy

-Sanjay K N, Aprameyan S, Suresh K R, Santhosh A N

316 Economic Load Dispatch Using Simulated Annealing Algorithm

-M. Venkatesh, Ramakrishna Raghutu

317 Home Automation Using Internet of Things

-Vinay sagar K N , Kusuma S M

318 Probability Failure of Column in Steel Structure

-Manjunath G.S , K Manjunath, Sandeep Kumar D.S

319 Crack Propagation Analysis Using FEM Approach in Titanium and Titanium Aluminide

-Varun. M, Santosh. C , Abhijith Kashyap , Santhosh. M

320 Ensuring Certificateless Remote Anonymity and Authenticity wireless Body Area Network

-Basavashri B, Manjula M

321 Modeling and Control of DC Chopper Fed Brushless DC Motor

-Harith Mohan , Remya K P

322 Phosphorus isotherms sorption in semi arid soil

-Wissem Hamdi, Jean Aime Messiga, David Peslter , NouraZiadi , Mongi Seffen

323 Effect of levels calcium nitrate addition on potatoes fertilizer

-Wissem HAMDI, Lokman HELALI, Rihab BEJI, Kawther ZHANI , Sarra OUERTATANI , Azaiez GHARBI

324 Experimental Investigation on High Volume Fly Ash Concrete by Incorporating Foundry Sand as Fine Aggregate

– Swapnil B. Cholekar , Subrahmanyam Raikar

325 A Study on the Importance of Health and Safety Environment in a Food Industry

-S.Sujatha , Sivaligam A  , Prabhakaran D , Thirumarimurugan M

326 Self Localized Robot Used With an Android Application


327 Reducing the cycle time in fabrication of bucket in wheel loader, by designing a welding fixture

-Darshan S, G S Prakash, Jagadish Mogaveera B

328 Improving Throughput in MANET Using Cooperative Routing Strategies

Sunayana S, Aishwarya P

329 Adaptive Beamforming Smart Antenna for Wireless Communication System

-Keerthi A Kumbar

330 Consistency As A Service In Public Cloud

-Dhnashree.B.Sawale , Resmi.S

331 Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Savonius Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

-Ashwin Dhote , Vaibhav Bankar

332 Power Efficient Carry Select Adder using D-Latch

S.A.Mashankar, R.D.Kadam,P.R.Indurkar

333 Real-Time Damage Detection in Laminated Composite Beams Using Dynamic Strain Response and Modular Neural Arrays for Aerospace Applications

-Sanjay Goswami , Partha Bhattacharya

334 Estimation of Cutting Tool Life by Varying Cross Feed with the Knowledge of Actual Cutting Force Acting On It

-Akhil A. Deshpande, Shrinivas L. Gombi, Basavraj S. Ukkali

335 A Short Survey on Secure Routing Protocols in Hierarchical Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks

-F.Mezrag, M.Benmohammed, B.Bouderah

336 QoS Based Selection of Network with 4G Systems..

-N.Sreephani sujaya sheela

337 Project Management for Construction Projects: Improving Project Performance

-Ashish D. Joshi, S.D. Khandekar

338 Stabilization of a Deltaic Marine Clay (Chikoko) with Chloride Compounds

-George Rowland Otoko, Amah Inemeowaji Simon

339 Real Time Crowd Tracking Using Wireless Ad-Hoc Network

-Rakesh Krishnan, Vivek K. Keecheril, Pankaj Raibagkar

340 Study of Al-Cu-ZnO NP composite for EDM Applications

-Amit Gavane , Mahaudra s. Patil, Raviraj M. Kulkarni

 341 Design and Modeling of RF MEMS Phase Shifters Using Various Structures of Coplanar Waveguides

-Sugesh M S, Nataraj B

342 Optimization of a Bi-functional APP Problem by using multi-objective genetic algorithm (NSGA-II)

-Anwar sadath M A, Manoj P J

343 Predict the Surface Finish by using Fuzzy Logic Techniques in ECM Processes

-Abhinav Sharma, Deepanshu Shrivastava , Harsh Pandey

344 Experimental Investigation of Machining Parameter in Electrochemical Machining-Deepanshu Shrivastava , Abhinav Sharma, Harsh Pandey
 345 Experimental study of Parabolic Trough Collector (PTC) and compare with ANSYS model

-Sumedh S Jagtap ,Fedora Dias

346 Design and simulation of low-power ADC using double-tail comparator

-P. G. Konde, R. N. Mandavgane, A. P. Bagade

347 Work Optimization in the Assembly Line and Line Balancing In the Sub-Assembly

-Prakash R Patel, Sudheer Kulkarni, Deepak kumar

348 Study of risk management for National Highway Project

-Katkar M.B., Dr.Khandekar S.D

349 Utilization of Beetroot (Beta Vulgaris L.) Leaves Powder in Cereals Based Extruded Product

-Subhash B. Kakade, B.S Hathan , Neeha VS

350 Eco-Friendly Car Using Solar and Electrical Energy

-Yathisha L, Shabaz Ahmed Khan, Ganesh P, Ajay S N Sathish N.

351 A Combined Approach for Edge Detection in Images with Gaussian and Salt-And-Pepper Noises Using Fuzzy Logic and Traditional Sobel Method

-Adeleh jafar gholibeik , M.A. Edalatirad

352 Tracking airborne objects using LiDAR

-Aradhana Haldar, Abhijeet Deshpande, Pankaj Raibagkar

353 Effect of metallic iron in reducing nitrate mobility in alkalizes soils


354 Development of Pineapple Leaf Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Resin Composites

-Santosh Kumar D S , Praveen B A , Kiran Aithal S, U N Kempaiah

355 Study and Analysis of Supercapacitor with its Applications

-Sujata Rawale, Chandan Kamble

356 Importance of Electronic Document/Information Management Systems in Modern Architectural, Engineering and Construction Projects

-C Sam Charles Devanand


Vivek Rai, DiamondJonawal, Pratik Jain

358 Augmenting Data Warehouse Security Techniques – A Selective Survey

-Smita Konda, Rohini More

359 A Methodology to Identify the Delays and Rank its Causative Factors In Indian Construction Industry

-Anup Wilfred, Muhamad Sharafudeen

 360 An Enhancement in EEM-LEACH Protocol Based on Honey Bee Optimization (HBO) technique for WSN

-Akashdeep Chaudhary, Malti Rani

361 Encoding Scheme for Power Reduction in NoC

-Sneha Warade, P. R. Indurkar, R. D. Kadam

362 Evaluation and Selection of Diamond Wheel Grit Size for Solid Carbide Grinding Operation in Rollomatic Cell by Taguchi Method

-Sharath Kumar R , Puneeth K H , Teli Kalappa , Anil K C

363 Performance Evaluation of Mesh Protocols in Real Time Mesh Test Bed

-Kishore D M

364 Review of Graph Based Scheduling Algorithms

-Gagandeep Singh, Gurjyot Kaur, Gurvinder Singh

365 Importance of Centralized Log Server and Log Analyzer Software for an Organization

-R.Anusooya , J.Rajan, S.A.V.SatyaMurty

 366 High Gain Enhanced CMOS Charge Pump with Reduced Leakage and Threshold Voltage

-C.Arul murugan , B.Banuselvasaraswathy

367 Usage of Compressive Sensing and MEMAC Protocol for Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks

-R.Sesha Sai Prasanna, R.Murugadoss

 368 Detection and Classification of Plant Diseases

-N.S. Bharti, R.M. Mulajkar

 369 Performance Enhancement of 32-bit Carry Select Adder by Employing RTL Optimization Techniques

-Chetan C.S., Vinay B. Biradar, Vishwas P.G, Premananda B.S

 370 Management of Risks Implied By Conditions of Contract and Specifications

-Chaitali S. Pawar, Jalinder R. Patil, Suman S. Jain, Abhijeet M. Gaikwad

371 An efficient approach to improve throughput for TCP vegas in ad hoc network

-Payal Vispute, Sayali N. Mane

372 Load Frequency Control for Two Area Deregulated Power System Using ANN Control

-Najmuddin Moulaali Jamadar, A. Ram Reddy

 373 Voltage Controller for Three Phase D-Statcom to Compensate Non Linear Loads

-v.jayaraj, k.padma

374 Tools for company capitalization

-Paolo Pietro Biancone , Secinaro Silvana

375 Digital Migration and the Battle of Terrestrial Titans in Kenya: Issues and Prospects

-Michael M Ndonye, Josephine Khaemba, Phylis Bartoo

 376 Effcient Human Emotion Retrieval Using Bci And Speech

-Priyanka A. Wandile  , Rahul Hiware , Narendra Bawane

377 Performance of a Battery Electric Vehicle with Self Charging Capacity for Its Own Propulsion

-Suhas V, Sukeerth Calastawad, Phaneesh M, Swaraj S

378 Design Analysis of 220/132 KV Substation Using ETAP

-Kiran Natkar, Naveen Kumar

379 Modelling of Fuzzy Generic Power System Stabilizer for SMIB System

-D.Jasmitha, R.Vijayasanthi

380 Architecture of Multicast Network Based on Quantum Secret Sharing and Measurement

-Ahmed F. Metwaly, M. Z. Rashad, Fatma A. Omara, Adel A. Megahed 

 381 Performance Evaluation of Wireless Sensor Network using Genetic Algorithm

-S. D. Chavan , A. V. Kulkarni , Neeta Patil

 382 Security for enhancing routing mechanism in Mobile Ad-hoc Network with Elliptic curve algorithm

-Mrunali Meshram  , Sayali N. Mane

 383 Integrated Production Management System

-Shiny Rajendrakumar, V K Parvati , Anandhalakshmy Ram

384 Assessment of PSO Algorithm For Multi-machine System Using STATCOM Device

-A.Sagarika , T.R.Jyothsna

385 Efficiency Improvement of Wind Turbine Generator by Introducing Vortex Generator

-Rahul Viswam , S. Sankar

386 Solar Powered Water Distillation With Concave Evaporation Surface

-Pradeep. S. G , Kamlesh Jain , Namdar Varun, V Vinod Kumar

387 Privacy-Preserving Multi-keyword Ranked Search Over Encrypted Cloud Data Over Encrypted Cloud Data

-Jyothi Koodi, G. Srinivasachar

388 Power Generation Using Hydrogen Fuel Cell from Biogas

-Adarsh S, Meghana M Kumar ,Chaitra M G,Nitin Pal Singh, Vidyashree

389 Lung Nodule Classification Using Multilevel Patch-Based Context Analysis and Decision Tree Classifier

-M H Hasna , Jobin Jose

390 Analysis and Comparison of Diagrid and Conventional Structural System

-Raghunath .D. Deshpande, Sadanand M. Patil , Subramanya Ratan

391 A Review of RFID Technology

-Beant Kaur

392 Optimal Placement of DG and Capacitor for Minimizing the Power Losses using Genetic Algorithm

-Aakanksha Kumawat, Renu Choudhary, Pushpendra Singh

393 Secure And Energy-Efficient Clustering Scheme (SAEECS) with data aggregation in mobile wireless sensor networks

-Sangeeta Badiger, Mohan B A

394 Robust Data Hiding and Secure Key Generation in H.264 Compressed Videos

-Sruthi M S, Jobin Jose

395 Enhancement of AC System Stability using Artificial Neural Network Based HVDC System

-S.K.Bikshapathy, Supriya Balasaheb Patil

396 Modelling Pedestrian Overall Satisfaction Level at Signalised Intersection Crosswalks

-Jitendra Singh Yadav ,Anuj Jaiswal, Raman Nateriya

397 Dynamics of Rapid Urbanization of Bangalore and Its Impact on Land-Use/Land-Cover – A case study of Vrishabhavathi sub-watershed

-C.B.Jagadeesh , H.S.Shivakumar Naiklal , Nagaraj Sitaram

398 Comparison of groundwater quality in and around Salem in Tamilnadu, India

-S.Krishnaraj , T.Shanthi ,M.Nagarajan

399 Critical Simulation Solar Energy System

Nithin Nagarjuna Karri, Mallikarjuna Rao pasumarthi

 400 Dynamic Clustering Based Faulty Node Detection in Security Critical WSN

-Bhawna Sharma, Er. Kapil, Er.Aakash Goyal

401 Doping effect of Mg on photoluminescence properties of YAG:Ce phosphor

-Manisha Upasani, Bhavana Butey


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