vol 2 Issue 2

  Volume 2- Issue-2 May-2015
01 Design and Analysis Of Circlehead Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna

-Renuka Baban Singh , Er.NitinAgarwal

02 CSR reporting in the context of sustainable development in Romania

-Miruna ZAPCIU

03 Using Gravitational Search Algorithm to Design of an Optimal Active Power Controller for AC-DC Transmission Systems

-Mehdi Shafiee, Mohammad Mahdi Tafarroj , Mehdi Sajadinya

04 Smart Helmet

-Nitin Agarwal , Anshul Kumar Singh , Pushpendra Pratap Singh , Rajesh Sahani

05 Study on Groundwater Modeling of Aquifers Using Visual Modflow

-Lakshmi priya C , Narayanan R M

06 Effective Method of Treating Wastewater from Meat Processing Industry Using Sequencing Batch Reactor

-M Baskar , B. Sukumaran

07 Modified Kalman Filtering Method for Reducing Gps-Vehicle Trajectory Tracking Error Using Anfis in RealTime

-K.Nithiya , A.Vinoth Kannan, M.AnanthaKumar

08 A Case Study of Water Shed Development in Darewadi

-M. Hussain, F.I. Chavan , Santosh Sanap

09 Design of compact Implementation of SHA-3(512) on FPGA

-M M Sravani , C H Pallavi

10 Design of High Speed Modified-Gdi Based Carry Select Adder

-S V RajeshKumar , N Vamsi Praveen

11 Infill Wall Stiffness Consideration in Earthquake Analysis

-K.K. Tolani , Pravin A. Nikam

12 Analysis of e-Governance Services for effective Communication to Citizens in Odisha State

-Guna Sekhar Netheti , A. K. Shrivastava , Ragini Shukla

13 Optimized Design and Implementation of a 16-bit Iterative Logarithmic Multiplier

-Laxmi Kosta, Jaspreet Hora, Rupa Tomaskar 

14 Optimization of various gases cutting process by changing various parameters

-Sukani Sunny,  Sava Jayesh,  MRR Optimizer Group

15 Static Analysis of Motor Flange

-Bhale Pritish P, Lavnis Avinash K

16 Experimental Study on the Mechanical Properties of Concrete Mixed With Jute Fiber and Steel Fiber

-S.Prakash Chandar, C.Jai Balaji

17 Wireless Electricity billing cum theft detection system

-Pardeep Mittal

18 A Survey on Augmented Reality

-Nivedha.S, Hemalatha.S

19 A Review Study on Different Heat Transfer Equipments

-Sachinkumar Patel, Devendra Patel, Piyush Patel

20 Problems faced by Small Scale Construction Contractors in India

-V Srinivasa Raghavan, Karthik Kumar V

21 Efficient Multiuser Itinerary Planning For Travelling Services Using Fkm-Clustering Algorithm

-R.Rajeswari, J. Mannar Mannan

22 Test Model for Rich Semantic Graph Representation for Hindi Text using Abstractive Method

-Manjula Subramaniam,Vipul Dalal

23 Thermal Analysis of Glazed Surface by FEM

-Raghunath .D. Deshpande, Gayatri Chiniwal, Laxmi Golsangi

24 An Experimental Investigation on Strength Parameters Of Flyash Based Geopolymer Concrete with GGBS

-P.Vignesh, K.Vivek

25 Build an Effective Video Noise Removal Method using Combination of Intraframe Filters

-Aparna Tripathi, Om Prakash Yadav

26 Reduction in the Size of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna

-Akash Agrawal, Narendra Kumar Garg

27 An Area Efficient Mcm Based Digital Fir Filter For Signal Processing System

-S.Sai Sreelekha, C. Vijaya Bhaskar 

28 Multivariate Correlation Analysis for Dos Attack Detection Using Support Vector

-Anusuya.S, R.Kavitha, Boopathy.P

29 Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Thermally Induced Residual Stresses for Stainless Steel 303 grade Using Gmaw Process

-Abhishek B P, Anil Kumar G , Madhusudhan.T

30 Image Segmentation and Identification of Brain Tumor from MRI Image

-Sonam S. Gavhande, S.B.Jadhav

31 Effect of Nano Silicon Dioxide on the Fatigue Behavior Analysis Of  Jute/Epoxy Laminated Composites: A Review

-Anupam Mondal, Kiran Kumar.P,Madhusudhan.T

32 An Emerging Technology: Green Computing-Rina Mishra, Sonali Jain, Nirupama Kurmi  32
33 Contingency ranking of power systems using a performance index

-Ali Abdulwahhab Abdulrazzaq

34 Design & Development of Plastic Recycling Machine by Using FEA

Kusekar S.K, Morajkar C.E, Kashid S.N, Hipparkar K.S , Deshpande V.S

35 Brain Tumor Detection in Medical Imaging Using Matlab

-Pankaj Kr. Saini, Mohinder Singh

36 PV Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer (PV-DVR) With Significant energy Conservation Level-N.Jeevagasundaram , R.Kumar  36
37 Optimization of Power In Fused Add Multiply Operator Using Modified Booth Recoder

-B.Gopi ,G.Kohila

38 Synthesis, Spectral Studies, Antifungal Activity and Biological Study of Bis (2 Hydroxy Benzylidene) Benzidine Titanium (III) Chloride with Schiff Bases Derived from Aromatic Amines

-Archana Saxena ,Mohit Kumar

39 Video Retrieval – An Improvised Algorithm for Movies Using Novel Feature

-Krutarth A. Mehta, Sandip B. Chotaliya

40 Effect of Geometrical Changes of Impeller on Centrifugal Pump Performance

-Pranit M. Patil, Shrikant B. Gawas, Priyanka P. Pawaskar, R. G. Todkar

41 Performance Enhancement of Microstrip Planar Array Antenna With Triangular Shaped Defected Ground Structure

-Sagar Savani, Arun Nandurbarkar

42 Osmotic Dehydration Of Unskinned Orange Carpel

-Shekhar Pandharipande, Tushar Gaikar

43 Experimental Study on Compressive Strength of Concrete by Using Metakaolin

-Yogesh R. Suryawanshi, Amar G. Kadam, Sagar S. Ghogare, Ramrao G. Ingale, Priyanka L. Patil

44 Assessment of Water Quality in Koothapar Wetland, Tiruchirappalli District

-Ravichandran.C , Teneson, R.

45 Statistical Hypothesis Testing Through Trapezoidal Fuzzy Interval Data

-P. Gajivaradhan , S.Parthiban

46 MSP430 Based Mine Monitoring and Control Using Wireless Sensor Networks

-Harshad S. Daingade, Sunita S. Shinde, Vikas A. Patil, Mahesh M.Kumbhar

47 Formulation of Approximate, Generalized Field Data Based Mathematical Model for PVC Pipe Manufacturing Process

-Ashish D Vikhar, J.P.Modak

48 Experimental Study on Shear Behavior of Different Types of Fibers In Reinforced Concrete Beams

-A.Vijayakumar, D.L.Venkatesh Babu, E.Prabakaran

49 Evaluation of Case-Based Lectures for Teaching Medical Microbiology

-Nazish Fatima, Mohammad Shameem, Nabeela, Haris M Khan

50 Simulation and Analysis of Attacks and Quality of Service (QoS) in Cyberspace

-M.Dervin Moses, M.Rajha

51 Improvement of Subgrade by RBI Grade 81 and Fly ash

-Mahto Bibha

52 Energy Saving in Wireless Sensor Network With Spin Protocol

-Kunal M Pattani, Palak J Chauhan

53 Vibration Analysis of Adhesively Bonded Single Lap Joint

-Shailendra Sakharam Wani

54 Image Contrast Enhancement Techniques: A Report

-Pankaj A. Mohrut, Deepti Shrimankar

55 Integration Of Renewable Energy Technologies In Multispecialty Hospital With Case Study

-Tushar Harer, Pravin Awatade, Kunal Jagtap, M.M. Wagh, N.N. Shinde

56 Effect of thickness and crack length on the impact behaviour of particle loaded GFRP composite

-Shikha Yadav, V.K.Srivastava

57 Steam Turbine for Power Plant Unit with Supercritical Steam Parameters

-P.Ravindra Kumar, Hussain shaik,P.Aruna, J.Subba Reddy

58 A Methodology for Power Flow & Voltage Stability Analysis

-Lalit Kumar Gautam,Mugdha Mishra , Tanuj Bisht

59 A Survey on Knowledge Management in Small-Sized Software Organizations

-Gajendra Patil, G R Bamnote

60 Analysis of LFM and NLFM Radar Waveforms and their Performance Analysis

-Shruti Parwana, Sanjay Kumar

61 Implementation of DCT DWT SVD based watermarking algorithms for copyright protection

-Ritesh Patel ,  A.B.Nandurbarkar

62 An Approach for lifetime improvement in Wireless Sensor Network

-Khushboo Manohar, A. I. Darvadiya

63 Performance Analysis of FHSS Transceiver Model in MATLAB

-Pintukumar Yadav , Usha Neelakantan

64 Improved Boost Converter with Model based MPPT Suitable for Half-Bridge-Based PV Inverter System

-VenkateswaraReddy.G, Chandrakala. B

65 A Cubic based Set Associative Cache encoded mapping

-Vinothini S, Chandra Segar Thirumalai, Vijayaragavan R,Senthil Kumar M

66 An efficient AFRA using an Intelligent Fuzzy Repertory Table technique

-Vinothini S, Chandra Segar Thirumalai, Vijayaragavan R

67 Analyzing the performance of AFRA with its traditional routing algorithms

-Vinothini S, Chandra Segar Thirumalai, Vijayaragavan R

68 Lossless Data Compression Techniques and Comparison Between the Algorithms-Pooja Singh

-Ishan Gupta, Gurmeet Kaur

70 Green Chemistry Approaches to Renewable Energy

-Sagar R Bavarva

71 A  Synchronization Algorithm for Mobile Databases Using SAMD

-P.Kalyanakumar , A.Sangeetha

72 Problems and Prospects in Engineering Industry

– Abhinav Sharma, S.K. Gupta

73 PCA Based Face Recognition on Reduced Dimensions

-Jiger P.Acharyauthor, A.B.Nandurbarkar

74 Intrusion Response with Dempster Shafer theory of evidence to detect and overcome routing attack in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

-S. G.Phule , G.T.Chavan

75 Simulation of the Gaussian profiled horn using variable depth slot mode converter

-Bhaveshkumar Baraiya, Balvant  Makwana, Nitin Bathani

76 Facial Emotion Expressions Recognition With Brain Activites Using Kinect Sensor V2

-Hesham A. ALABBASI, Florica Moldoveanu, Alin Moldoveanu, Zaid Shhedi

77 Development of IP core for Trellis Coded Spatial Modulation Scheme

-Vishal Vamja, Pankaj Prajapati

78 Efficient Data Transmission and Secure Communication In VANETS Using Node-Priority and Certificate Revocation Mechanism

-D.Yamini, J. Jayavel

79 Optoelectronic properties of Zn-doped and air- annealed CdS thin film for Photovoltaic applications

-Lakshmy.K, Rincy. E B, Jithu Michael, T.V.Vimalkumar

80 Modification of Sorghum Starch for Production of Superabsorbent

-M. D. Teli, A. Mallick

81 Development and Implementation of Algorithm for Speaker recognition for Gujarati Language

-Jigarkumar Patel, Arun Nandurbarkar

82 Knowledge Clustering on Big Data with K_Means Algorithm

-S. Parthasarathy, V. Shakila

83 Application of Laplace Transform in State Space Method to Solve Higher Order Differential Equation: Pros & Cons

-Tejal Shah

84 High Speed Data Acquisition System

-Parmar Pranav N , Pinky J. Brahmbhatt

85 Study of Quality Management System in Construction

-AnupW S, Arun Kumar H, SNA Saqhi

86 Study of Tree Multiplier Using Reversible Logic Gate

-Snehal Kulkarni,Mithilesh Mahendra

87 Tree structure based Optimized Multicast Routing Algorithm in MANET

-Vikas R. Palekar

88 Static and dynamic behavior of Jute reinforced epoxy composites with and without Silicon Di oxide as epoxy modifier: A Review

-Vikas S Hoysala, Kiran Kumar.P, T. Madhusudhan

89 Voltage control for Photo Voltaic Systems with MPPT and Battery Storage in Micro grids

-M.R.Prasad, V.Sravan Kumar,P.Srihari

90 Fuzzy-Logic-Controller-Based SEPIC Converter for MPPT in Standalone PV systems

-G.Thambi, S.Prem Kumar, Y.Murali Krishna, M.Aruna

91 Design and Implementation of Adiabatic based Low Power Logic Circuits

-Amit Saxena, Deepti Shinghal, Kshitij Shinghal

92 Color Image Fusion using Fuzzy Logic

-Falguni Gopmandal, Sagarika Pal

93 Review on Engineering Failure Analysis of Various Mechanical Systems

-Amit Patil , Amol Kolhe

94 Swastika Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for ISM Band Applications

-Udit Raithatha , S. Sreenath Kashyap, D. Shivakrishna

95 A Survey on Automatic Video Lecture Indexing

-Ashwini Y. Kothawade, Dipak R. Patil

96 Measurement of Pedestrian Flow Parameters – Case study of Dakor, Gujarat

-Chhaya Brahmbhatt, L. B. Zala, Mukti Advani

97 Ergonomically Analysis the Moderate Work for determining the rest period

-Shara khursheed, Summaiya Javed, K.M.Moeed

98 Design & Development of a Suitable Implement Matching with Low HP Tractor

-Subrata Kr Mandal, Atanu Maity, Ashok Prasad, Palash Kr Maji, Sankar Karmakar

99 An alternative proof for Beal’s conjecture

-A.V.Krishna Sai , W. Sridhar, M.Indira

100 Effect of Short Polyamide Fiber on Impact Property of Polypropylene Composite

-Abduel Majid K. Najjar, Adnan Agieli A. Aboulgasemb

101 A Trust Based Quality of Service of Routing Protocol In MANET

-Chabukswar Hrishikesh

102 A Review paper on alternate materials for Asbestos brake pads and its characterization

-R.Umamaheswara Rao , G.Babji

103 Impact of High Temperatures on Multiblended Concretes

-Vikash Vashisth, Shilpa Pal, N. V. Mahure, Sameer Vyas, Pankaj Sharma

104 Review on Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Evaluation of Aircraft Lug-Joint

-Pratik Phadnis, G.Anilkumar, T. Madhusudhan

105 Stability Analysis of Turbocharger Impeller: A Review

-B.P.Terani, K.S.Badarinarayan, Prakasha.A.M

106 Deep Web Content Extraction Using Visual Approach

-Sumedha K. Chumble , Sayali P. Badhan

107 Detection of Tampering In Color Image

-Manoj Nagar , Pinky Brahmbhatt , M. Sarada Devi

108 A Study of Secured Design of Smart Meter with Energy Efficient In Smart Grid

-M.Asan Nainar, G.Dharani Devi

109 Photoluminescence and Thermoluminescence Properties of Rare Earth Doped CaAl2Si2O8 phosphors

-Geetanjali Tiwari, Nameeta Brahme ,Ravi Sharma, D.P. Bisen, Sanjay Kumar Sao

110 Effect of Pin less Mild Steel Tool on Friction Stir Welding for Joining Aluminium 6082 Plates

-S.G. Khobragade, P. M. Khodke

111 Digital Watermarking Encryption and Decryption Using DWT

-Arisudan Tiwari, Anoopa Arya, Shubham Shukla

112 Imminent Collision Detection for Automotives Using Sensor System

-P.Durgasaranya, K.Venkatesh

113 Comparing C4.5 and MST Classifier Using MapReduce

-H. Anila Glory, R. Nithya, S. Irish Jeyapaul

114 Suitability of Different Materials Used for Road Marking: A Review

-Sheikh Azhar U Rehman, A.K Duggal

115 A new Coding method in MATLAB used for solving a System of n Linear Equations by LU Decomposition-Digvijay Singh, L. N. Das  115
116 Model Implementation and Performance Analysis of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell as a Micro Source in Micro Grid Modelling

-Subhajit Roy

117 Empirical Field Strength Model for Terrestrial Broadcast in VHF Band in Makurdi City, Benue State, Nigeria

-Abiodun Stephen Moses, Onyedi David Oyedum, Moses Oludare Ajewole

118 Site Safety and Planning For Building Construction

-Mohd. Aqleem Mir, Bibha Mahto

119 Properties of Paver Blocks with Groundnut Husk Ash as Fine Aggregates

-S.Revathi, R.Kumutha, K.Vijai

120 Implementation of the Target Tracking in Mobile Sensor Networks

Manish S Gardi , M. D. Ingle

121 Prediction of Software Defect Using Linear Twin Core Vector Machine Model

-P.Ganeshkumar, S.Kalaivani

122 MPPTracker for PV System Using Remote Logger

-CH.Vani, M.Amarnadh

123 Synthesis and Luminescence behavior of SrS:EuCeX[X=La,Tb,Dy]Nano-sized phosphor fabricated through modified solid state reaction processes for white LED

-Kondala Rao. Sayana, K. V. R. Murthy, P. Indira, L. Nageswar Rao

124 Depositional Environmental studies of sediments near Arasalar river mouth, Karaikal region Pondicherry Union Territory, East coast of India

-S.Venkatesan , S.R. Singarasubramanian

125 A Survey of Frequent Subgraph Mining algorithms for Uncertain Graph Data

-S.V.S. Santhi, P. Padmaja

126 Matlab/Simulink Modeling to study the effect of partially shaded condition on Photovoltaic array’s Maximum Power Point

-Khaled Matter, Hala J. El-Khozondar , Rifa J. El-Khozondar, Teuvo Suntio

127 Separation of Machine Printed and Handwritten Text for Hindi Documents

-Ranjeet Srivastava, Ravi Kumar Tewari, Shashi Kant

128 Seismic Analysis of Completely Buried Rectangular Concrete Reservoir

-Anup Y Naik, Rakshan K M, Ashok P G

129 Parametric Study of Castellated Beam with Circular and Diamond Shaped Openings

-Jamadar A. M., Kumbhar P. D.

130 Dynamic performance evaluation of three phase induction motor using Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network and radial basis function Cascade neural network

-Zareen J. Tamboli, Pallavi Hatkar, M.V.Kutwal

131 Strength Analysis of A Ventilated Brake Disc-Hub Assembly For A Multiutility Vehicle.

-Subramanian P M, Devendra Oza

132 Smart Energy Meter with Reading Indication Using GSM

-M.Leelavathi, K.Aswini

133 Modular Robotic Arm

-Santosh Chauhan, Swapnil Chaudhari, Ronak Sethiya, Sachin Ahire, Deepak Malche

134 Analyzing The Performance Of Model Based Projective Clustering

-Sathya Sharmila.V  , Kannammal.K.E

135 Single precision Floating point ALU

-Pradnya A. Shengale , Vidya Dahake , Mithilesh Mahendra

136 Fabrication & Wear Analysis of GFRP Composite Using DOE

-Smita G. Mekalke

137 PicWords: Creating Pictures by its keyword

-Ankur Singh, Shruti Garg

138 Role of Clustering in Achieving Energy Efficient Coverage in Wireless Sensor Network : A Short Review

-Ajit Singh Negi, Neha Garg, Akhand Pratap Singh

139 Survey on Semantic Web Search Engine: Using Domain Ontology

-Jyoti chaurasia, Jagdish Raikwal

140 Advanced WiseMAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network

-Vishwanath S. Karki ,G.R.Udupi ,Aashish

141 Experimental Analysis of Boiling and Measurement of Contact Angle of Drop on Surface

-Sanjay Mane, Ravindra Yadav

142 Efficient learning of Arrhythmia data set with Multi class-cost sensitive classifiers

-R.Karthikeyan, A.Kumaravel , V.Khanaa

143 Design and Optimized Analysis Of T- Slotted Trapezium Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna

-Kaushal Prasad, Manoj Kumar, D. K. Srivastava

144 Designing & Simulation of Topology Network using Packet Tracer

-Garima Jain, Nasreen noorani, Nisha kiran, Sourabh sharma

145 Research regarding the establishment of effective efficiency for a new type of rotating volumetric pump

-Malik N. Hawas

146 Animation and Computer Graphics for Effective Communication

-B. Senthil Kumar , L. Jayasimman , Nisha Jebaseeli

147 Precession Of Surface Roughness by CNC End Milling

-K. Srinivasa Rao,N. Sravani,N.V.Aravind Prasad,M.Sindhuja, D.Lohith 

148 Relation of Z-transform and Laplace Transform in Discrete Time Signal

-Sunetra S. Adsad , Mona V. Dekate

 149 Thermoelectric, transport and microstructure properties of binary chalcogenide Ga2Te3 Crystals

-R. H. Al-Orainy , A. T. Nagat , S. A. Hussein , A. A. Ebnalwaled

 150 A CFD Based Analysis of Solar Air Heater Having V-Shaped Perforated Blocks on Absorber Plate

-Ashok Singh Yadav­, Tarun Singh Samant, Lokesh Varshney

151 Modeling and Simulation of Resistance Electric Arc Furnace Based on Actual Recorded Data using Artificial Neural Network

-Wahyuni Martiningsih,Mochamad Ashari, Adi Soeprijanto

152 Building Information Modeling (BIM)

-Shrikant Bhuskade

153 Experimental Analysis of Cooling Fins

-Manuja Pandey, Utkarsh Prasad, Vineet Kumar, Nafish Ahmed

154 BER Analysis Using Log-Map Decoding Algorithm for Turbo Codes Channel

-Anil Kumar Dubey , Ruchika Doda

155 Evaluation of Capacity of Rcc Framed Structure with Different Brace Configurations Using Pushover Analysis

-Chethan A S, Mohamed ismail, C k sushma

156 Free Convective Flow of Immiscible Permeable Fluids in a Vertical Channel with First Order Chemical Reaction

-J. Prathap Kumar, J. C. Umavathi, Shreedevi Kalyan

157 A New High Convergence Beam Forming Algorithms for Mobile Communication

-Basuraju S, Nethravathi H M, Sharath Kumar A J

158 A New Load Balancing Procedure in IEEE 802.11 WLANs

-Ahmet BARAN

159 Design and Analysis of Triangular-Circular Fractal Antenna for UWB Applications

-Karandeep singh Sekhon, Navaldeep Singh Sidhu, Loveleen Cheema

160 Tracking Control of Nanopositioning System Using Proportional and Double Integral Action

-Sheilza Jain,Sakshi Bangia, Jitendra Kumar Goyal

161 Mobile Application For Malware Detection

-Pranjali Deshmukh, Pankaj Agarkar

162 Analysis of Customer Reviews for Opinion Feature Summary

-Varsha Sarnikar, Prof.Pankaj Agarkar

163 Program Optimization for batch production of baffle plate

-Kedar, Vasuket, Rishabh, Himanshu, Prof Nitesh Hirulkar

164 Utilization of Waste Foundry Sand in Geopolymer Concrete

-Rekha Devi, Harsh Kumar

165 Designing of VCD to Prevent Train Accidents Using Gsm and Gps Technology

-Shaik.Asha, Rpvg.Ashok Reddy

 166 Design and analysis of a standalone localized telecommunication network for undeveloped areas

-Mayank Gupta, P.M.Palkar, P.N.Aerkewar

167 Return Spillovers In Indian Brent Crude Oil Market

-Sahaj Wadhwa, Vishesha Khemka

168 Encryption of Digital Images And Sharing Secret Image Through Diverse Image Media

-Sharanabasava,Shilpa K Gowda

169 Systematic Analysis of an OFDM System

-Sreelekshmi K. R, Subhalekshmi K. R , Jacob Thomas

170 Power Losses Estimation in Distribution Network (IEEE-69bus) with Distributed Generation Using Second Order Power Flow Sensitivity Method

-Meghana.T.V, Swetha.G, R.Prakash

171 Image Segmentation Techniques

-Amanpreet kaur,Navjot kaur

172 An Overview of various methodologies used in Data set Preparation for Data mining Analysis

-Arun P Kuttappan, P Saranya

173 Design, Development and Ting of a Distribution Transformer Overload Protection Using Microcontrollerof a Distribution Transformer Overload Protection Using Microcontroller

-Kunal K. Jagtap, Tushar P. Harer  ,Pravin J. Awatade, M.M. Wagh,N.N. Shinde

174 Application of Classical Lamination Theory and Analytical Modeling of Laminates

-Uttam. S. Koruche, Subhas. F. Patil

175 Analysis and Optimization of Water Treatment Plant Rotating Truss

-Ajay Joshilkar, B.S. Manjunath, Sagar Kavadi

176 An UML Based software Automatic Test Case Generation: Survey

-Ingle S. E , Mahamune M. R

177 Design and Fabrication of a Plastic Reinforced Brick Manufacturing Machine

-G Kaliavarathan , SreejithK V, AkhileshB , Arun Murali AM

178 Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) Using Adaptive Ground Truth Composition

-M.Venkata Ramana, S.AnuRadha, E.Sreenivasa Reddy, Ch.SatyaNarayana

179 CFD Analysis of Domestic Centrifugal Pump for Performance Enhancement

-Satish M.Rajmane, S.P.Kallurkar

180 A Review on Platform-Switching Concept on Stress-Distribution Pattern of Different Dental Implant-System

-M.R.Bahiram, R.K.Bhagat ,P.N.Dhatrak

181 Segmentation of Historical documents using Region Based Segmentation Method

-Pradeepa R , Mohana H S, Pramod N Kammar, Rekha B

182 Design of Higher Order Phase Locked Loop

-Sreelekshmi K. R, Subhalekshmi K. R, Jacob Thomas

183 IPv4 to IPv6 Network Migration and Coexistence

-A.Chandra, K. Lalitha

184 DC Motor Control System Using Model Predictive Controller

-Sakshi Bangia, Sheilza Jain, Neha

185 A Survey on Performance Evaluation Measures for Information Retrieval System

-S.Sathya Bama, M.S.Irfan Ahmed, A.Saravanan

186 Study of Deflagration to Detonation transition length in a single cycle H2-O2 Pulse Detonation Engine

-Mayur Anvekar, Venkatesh Kusnur, Siddalingappa P K

187 Experimental Investigation and Measurement of Contact Angle of Drop on Surface with Triton X-100 as Surfactant in Pure Water

-Sanjay Mane, Ravindra Yadav, K M Jagdale, T S Gulavane

188 OFDM Transmission and Reception: Review

-Amit Saini,Vijaya Bhandari

189 Reinforcement Learning Framework for Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks

-Ankit B. Patel,Hitesh B. Shah

190 A 2D Analytical Investigation of Surface Potential and Electric Field for InSb based Triple Material Gate QWFET

-C.Divya,N.Arumugam ,B.Selva Karthick,  J.Jagannathan,N.Krishnan

191 Static & Dynamic Analysis of Motor Flange

-Bhale Pritish P, Lavnis Avinash K

192 Centralized Monitoring and Controlling Of Die Casting Process

-F.Parvez Ahmed, P.Naveen kumar , S.Mohanvel, N.Divya

193 Experimental Investigation on Combustion, Performance and Emission characteristics of blends of Plastic oil and Biodiesel as a substitute fuels in Diesel Engine

-D.K.Ramesha, G Prema Kumara, Abhishek Jain C N, Akash B,BabuReddy R, Kalappa M. Kammara

194 Collecting Digital Evidence: Internet Banking Fraud – Case study

-P.S. Lokhande , B.B. Meshram

195 Comparative Study of Air Carbon Arc Gouging Process on Sae 316 Stainless Steel

-Anoop G Das, R. Abarna

196 Calculation of Dose Distribution and Dose Rate at Each Dwell Position in 60co Irradiator Svst-Co-60/B in Vietnam

-Tran Van Hung

197 Open circuit fault detection in PWM voltage source inverter for PMSM drive system

-Anuttar J . Shende

198 Mechanical Characterization of Aluminium Alloys for TIG Welding-Experimental and Modeling Studies

-Sunil M. Pawar, Vivek V. Kulkarni

199 An Enhanced Scheme to Pinpoint Malicious Behavior of Nodes In Manet’s

-N.Malathi, M.Sivaram

200 Efficient Parallel Data Processing for Multi-Master Cloud Architecture with Improved Self-Healing Mechanism

-Megha Rode, Amruta Amune , Sachin Runwal


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