Vol 2 Issue 1

                                                                                 Volume 2- Issue-1  April-2015
01 Study of Strength Parameter of Concrete by Replacing Cement by Flash Enriched with Microbial Agents

-J.Karthik , P.Jagannathan

02 A Survey on Web Personalization of Web Usage Mining

-S.Jagan, S.P.Rajagopalan

03 Anomaly Response System for Relational Database System using Joint Administration Model

-K. K. Awale, U. A. Nuli

04 Two stage cascade BJT amplifier

-N k. kaphungkui

05 Towards conservation of world famous Dal Lake – A need of hour

-Mudasir Ahmad Wani, Ashit Dutta , M. Ashraf Wani , Umer Jan Wanii

06 Mobility Aware Refined Counter Based Broadcasting Model of MANET  

– Manjusha Deshmukh, Ratnadeep Deshmukh, S. N. Kakarwal

07 Lymphoma Neoplasm Computable scrutiny of Multi images on Gaussian Dissemination for INU

-E.Gajendran, J.Vignesh, K.P.Yadav

08 Data Administration Using Android  API

-Parth Dave , Rahul Dhumal,Kavita Bathe

09 Arduino based Voice Controlled Robot

-Kottadi Kannan, J. Selvakumar

10 Low Power and Test Data Compression Using New Encoding Scheme

-V.Govindaraj , B.Jaishankar , S.Balamurali, P.Balamurugan

11 Finite Element Analysis of Glazed Surface

-Raghunath .D. Deshpande, Gayatri Chiniwal, Laxmi Golsangi

12 Advance Technology- Google Glass

-Pooja S. Mankar

13 Design and Analysis of torque limiter timer belt spindle drive for overload protection

-Kare Rohan Nandkumar , Raut L.B.

14 Concurrency Control Model for Distributed Database

-Ranjana Jhala, Kamaljit I. Lakhtaria and Sanjay Gaur

15 Microcontroller based Three Fault Analysis for Temporary and Permanent Fault

-M.S.Morey, Amit Ghodmare, Vaibhav Khomane, Amitkumar Singh, Jitendra Dawande, Saif Ali Iqbal Shaikh

16 A Novel Fingerprint Compression Standard based on Sparse Representation

-V.Hyma Madhavi , R.Kalyan , V.Murali Praveen , S.Jhansi Lakshmi

17 Assessment of risk in construction industry

-Shankar Neeraj; Balasubramanian. M

18 Vibration Signature Analysis of 4 Jaw Flexible Coupling Considering Misalignment in Two Planes.

-Sanjiv Kumar

19 Applications of Social Media Analytics in Designing an Effective Marketing Strategy

– Adarsh A, Astha Bhawsinka, Anuja Thakur

20 Analytical study of different network topologies

-Nivedita Bisht, Sapna Singh

21 Medical Image Segmentation of Cardiac Quiescent by using Gaussian Mixture Model

-S.Ashvini , G.N.Jayabhavani

22 ARM 9 Based Real Time Control and Vehicle Theft Identity System

-Radhika Rathi,  Ashish Mulajka, S. S. Badhe

 23 A Generic Framework for Accessing Location Based Information by Android Mobile Application

-G.Selvakumar,A.G Bharath Ashwin

 24 Feature Extraction from Video Data for Indexing and Retrieval

-Amanpreet Kaur, Rimanpal kaur

 25 A study of video watermarking techniques based on energy model

-Anchal Gupta, Rimanpal kaur

 26 Replacement of Natural Sand in Concrete byPolyethylene Bottles

-Sahil Verma, Sahil Arora

27 Application of Geodesic Active Contours in iris Segmentation

-Kapil Rathor

28 Simulation of Best Management Practices using SWMM

-Harshal Pathak,  Pravin Chaudhari

29 Sensitivity Analysis of Maximum Overvoltage on Cables with Considering Forward and Backward Waves

-Hamed Touhidi ,Mehdi Shafiee, Behrooz Vahidi,Seyed Hossein Hosseinian

30 Entertainment vs. Edutainment: Bollywood Movies as Pedagogical Tools

– Divya Walia


-R. Mahesh, D. Vijayalakshmi

32 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System Using RASPBERRY PI and Interfacing Touch Screen

-Zain Anwar Ali, M.Shafiq, M.Aamir, M.Faraz uddin, Kunwer Hessan

33 Study of Internet Traffic Classification Using Machine Learning Algorithms

-S.Dhivya , P.Shanmugaraja

 34 On-line Monitoring of Green House gases Storage and Leakage Using Wireless Sensor Network

-Mallakalva Aneelkumar Reddy, V.Natarajan

 35 Management of power factor and harmonic

P. K. Kurundwade, G. V. Swami , R. A. Metri, S. B. Patil, P. B. Patil, M. Patil

36 Manually Operated Spiral Tube Water Wheel Pump

S N Waghmare, M M Mestri, P V Lavekar, T S Misal, P C Nalawade

37 Study of different Data Mining system & Platform

-Neha Rathee, Sarika Choudhary

38 An Arrangement for Automatic Notification and Severity Estimation of Automotive Accidents

-Parthiban.p ,Vasanthkumar.ss ,Mohana.J

39 Experimental Investigation of Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete in Construction Industry

-Balasubramanian, J.Chandrashekaran, S.Senthil Selvan

40 Intelligent Medicine box for disabled peoples

-Pandimurugan, Dileep, Vikneshan

41 A Review on Trends in Multicore Processor Based on Cache and Power Dissipation

-K.Aruli, B.Nivetha, G.N.Jayabhavani, M.Saravanan 

42 Gaussian Filter based Biometric System Security Enhancementbased Biometric System Security Enhancement

-M.Selvi, T.Manickam, C.N.Marimuthu

43 Face Recognition using LDN Code

-J.K.Jeevitha ,B.Karthika,E.Devipriya

44 Integration of Data Mining Systems using Sequence Process

-Ram Prasad Chakraborty

 45 Indian Banking Sector at a Glance

-Minakshi Dattatraya Bhosale

46 Secure Mobile Cloud Computation offloading: Node Privacy and Security

-David I. Fadaraliki, S. Rajendran

47 A System for Recognition of Indian Sign Language for Deaf People using Otsu’s Algorithm

-Manisha D.Raut,  Pallavi Dhok, Ketan Machhale, Jaspreet Manjeet Hora

48 CUK Converter Based PV Module for Excitation Ff Synchronous Machine

-Vishant G. Naik , Santosh Singh Negi

49 Bank Locker Security System using Android Application-Gaurav Chavan ,Anup Ghandge ,Sourabh dabke , K.A.musale Author
50 Lossless Image compression and decompression using Huffman coding


51 Detailed Energy Audit and Conservation in a Cement Plant

-R.Virendra, B.Sudheer Prem Kumar, J.Suresh Babu, D.Rajani Kant

52 Route Optimization based on Dynamic Mobile Node Selection

-R.Porkodi, P.Jaya prakash

53 Linear Programming based Optimum Resource Utilization for Manufacturing of Electronic Toys

-Salma Shaheen, Tazyeen Ahmad

54 Efficient Approach for Detecting Hard Keyword Queries with Multi-Level Noise Generation

-B.Mohankumar, P. Marikkannu, S. Jansi Rani, S. Suganya

 55 Content based approach for Detection of Phishing Sites

-Anjali Gupta, Juili Joshi, Khyati Thakker, Chitra bhole

56 An efficient lightweight Cryptographic Algorithm for Secure Control of Vehicle using Smart Phone

-N. Mamtha, N. Leo Bright Tennisson, G. Rekha

57 Experimental Study on the Behavior of R.C.Beams and Columns with Treated Recycled Aggregate Concrete

-Sreejith.C.Venugopal, J.Rajprasad

58 A Novel Approach for Automatic Monitoring of Power Consumption using Smart Meter

-P. Saraswathi, M. Prabha

59 Review on Power Quality Enhancement in weak Power Grids by Integration of Renewable Energy Technologies

-Prathmesh Mayekar, Mahesh Wagh, Nilkanth Shinde

60 Power Optimization using Body Biasing Method for Dual Voltage FPGA

-B.Sankar, C.N.Marimuthu

61 A Survey: Usage of Brain- Machine Interface in Various Applications

-Deepak R, K R Rachith, Kevin Leo Jacob, Prashanth Kambli

62 Detailed Energy Audit in a Captive Cogeneration Plant

-D.Rajani Kant , B.Sudheer Prem Kumar, N.Ravi Kumar, R.Virendra,J.Suresh Babu

63 Driver Drowsiness Detection to Reduce the Major Road Accidents in Automotive Vehicles

-Srinivasu Batchu, S. Praveen Kumar

 64 An Artificial Light for Blind

– Ragita Ranjit

65 A Study Analysis and Performance of High Pressure Boilers With its Accessories

-J. Suresh babu,R.Latha ,B.Praveen,V.Anil kumar,R Rama kumar ,s.peerulla

66 A_AODV: A Modern Routing Algorithm for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

-Ritu Parasher, Yogesh Rathi

67 An Experimental Investigation on the Durability of Concrete by use of Agave Lecheguilla

-M. Balasubramanian , Akhil Elias Varghese, S. Senthil Selvan

68 Structure less Efficient Data Aggregation and Data Integrity in Sensor Network

-Kavita Sunchu,  Dhainje Prakash

69 Security Based Data Transfer and Privacy Storage through Watermark Detection

-Gowtham.T ,Pradeep Kumar.G

70 Computation of Some Wonderful Results Involving Certain Polynomials

-Salahuddin,  Intazar Husain

71 Energy saving Opportunities in Steel Reheating Furnaces

-S.M. Ahuja

 72 Data Hiding System Using Cryptography & Steganography: A Comprehensive Modern Investigation

-Aarti Mehndiratta

 73 Analysis of Face Recognition System for Different Classifier

-M.Manimozhi, A. John Dhanaseely

 74 Study on Estimation of the Product Category Shopped Online by the Indian Consumers: a Modelling Approach through Demographics, Product’s Pre-Exposure and On-Line

-Sameer Kulkarni , Ritu Bhattacharyya

 75 Environmental Impact Assessment for Infrastructure Development project in Chennai

-Porkodi S, Valarmathi S

76 To Implement Cloud Computing by using Agile Methodology in Indian E-Governance

-P.V.S.S.Gangadhar, A.K.Shrivastava, Ragini Shukla

77 Design and Development of ON-LINE UPS using PIC Microcontroller

Hemal Patel,  Divyesh Vaghela

78 Fixed Bed Column Study for Removal of Hexavalent Chromium From Aqueous Solution by using Denolix Regia Pods (Flamboyant Pods)

-Subitha V , Vanathi M

79 Selection of Material by weighted property method for Savonius Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Rotor blade

-Suresh Talur, Kiran Kumar.P, T. Madhusudhan

80 Performance Analysis of Nutrient Removal in Pond Water Using Water Hyacinth and Azolla With Papaya Stem

-Anandha Varun R , Kalpana S


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