vol5 Issue 11

Volume 5- Issue 11 - November 2018 01 Analyzing the Pattern of Near Miss and Injury by Focusing on Cranes in the Maritime Industry -Tamaraebi Atuwo, Temitope Oluwadairo 02 Prediction of Diabetes based on Artificial Intelligence Technique -Shameem Hasan 03 Laser Balance with Microcontroller -José L. Hernández C, Brayan Reyes B, Hugo Cuamatzi V, Oscar… Continue reading vol5 Issue 11

vol5 Issue 10

Volume 5- Issue 10 - October 2018 01 Functionally Graded Concrete: An Experimental Analysis -Sana Kausar M.Y, Nikam P.A 02 Energy Saving and Performance Improvement Opportunities in Small Scale Foundry -Rushikesh A.Taware, M.A. Sutar 03 Application of Revit as Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) to Building Construction Project- A Review -Shivadatta… Continue reading vol5 Issue 10

vol5 Issue 9

Volume 5- Issue 9 - September 2018 01 A bibliographic study of civil construction’s planning advantages -Guilherme Augusto Martins Moreira, Matheus Marques Fernandes Aguiar, Rodolfo Rabelo Neves 02 Reflex Water – A Tool for Smart Water Management -Rosiberto S. Gonçalves, Jesse J.M. Soares, Lubnnia M.F. Souza, Ricardo M.F. Lima, Neiton C. Silva 03 A Genetic… Continue reading vol5 Issue 9

Vol 5 Issue 8

Volume 5- Issue 8 - August 2018 01 Structural Behavior of RC Slabs with Opening Strengthened with F.R.P -Abdelrahman Elsehsah, Hany Madkour, Khalid Farah 02 Hand Written Digit Recognition by Gesture Recognition and Speech Generation using Android Phone -D.T. Ingole, Swapnil D. Awachar, Ms Manik D. Ingole 03 Seismic Evaluation of a RC Framed Structure… Continue reading Vol 5 Issue 8

Vol 5 Issue 7

Volume 5- Issue 7 - July 2018 01 Experimental Analysis of Emission Performance Characteristics on Diesel-Biodiesel Blends with an Additive of Ethyl Tetra Nitrate & Exhaust Gas Recirculation A Review -Apurv Yadav , Ajay Singh Paikara , Dilbag Singh Mondloe 02 Experimental Investigation on the Performance of Recycled Polyethylene and Crumb RubberModified Bitumen -V.Gunasekaran 03… Continue reading Vol 5 Issue 7

Vol 5 Issue 6

Volume 5- Issue 6 - June 2018 01 Artificial Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Approach to Diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder -Nguyen Van Hieu, Ngo Le Huy Hien 02 Study & Analysis of Aluminium Foil and Anatase Titanium Oxide (Tio2) using Transmission Electron Microscopy -Ayush Garg 03 A Review on Topic Detection and Term-Term Relation Analysis… Continue reading Vol 5 Issue 6

Vol 5 Issue 5

Volume 5- Issue 5 - May 2018 01 Data Mining, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: An Overview, Challenges and Research Questions -Mohamad Shady Alrahhal, Adnan Abi Sen 02 Routing Flying Ad_Hoc Networks (FANET) Flight Systems: A Survey -Hossien Shahbazi , Tahereh Mavadati Bafekr , Sepideh Jamshidi Nejad 03 An Experimental Investigation on the Behavior of… Continue reading Vol 5 Issue 5