Vol6 Issue6

Volume 6- Issue 6 - June 2019 01 A Review of Different Regenerator Mesh on Cooling Performance -Saurabh Patil, Abhishek Shingote, Pranjal Shewalkar, Siddhesh Said 02 IoT based Smart Sensing Wheelchair to Assist in Healthcare -Divya Jennifer Dsouza, Sanket Srivastava, Ruth Prithika, Sahana Rai A N 03 Earthquake Analysis of Structure by Base Isolation Techniques… Continue reading Vol6 Issue6

Vol6 Issue5

Volume 6- Issue 5 - May 2019 01 The Study of Damage Level of Tandem Breakwater -Nur Aini Mohd Arish, Othman A. Karim, Wan Hanna Melini Wan Mohtar 02 Mechanical and Bond Properties of Steel Fibre Reinforced SBR Modified Self Compacting Concrete -Fathma Mohammed, Mathews M Paul 03 Design and Development of Electromagnetic Induction Injera… Continue reading Vol6 Issue5

Vol6 Issue4

Volume 6- Issue 4 - April 2019 01 Physio- Chemical Properties of Soil and its Influence on Crop Yield of Oke-Oyi Irrigation Scheme, Nigeria -Adejumobi M.A, Hussain H.A, Mudi O.R 02 Analysis of Random Error of Portable-Coordinate Measuring ARM -Chang-Hyon Rim, Gang Chen, Jong-Su Pak, Kyong-Sol Kim, Chung-Hyok Paek 03 Study on the Feature of… Continue reading Vol6 Issue4

Vol6 Issue3

Volume 6- Issue 3 - March 2019 01 The Usability of HCI in Smart Home -Amirah Alshammari, Haneen Alhadeaf, Norah Alotaibi, Sabreen Alrasheedi, Master Prince 02 Comparative Analysis of the Operation of Horizontal Screw-Type Dispenser with and without a Compensating Screw-Conveyor Device -Dean Todorov, Bozhidar Kolev 03 Preliminary Studies on Horizontal Screw-Type Dispenser with and… Continue reading Vol6 Issue3

Vol6 Issue2

Volume 6- Issue 2 - February 2019 01 Effect of Changing Drum Brakes Lining Form on the Brake Performance -Ibrahim Ahmed, Hamdia Sofan, Khaled Abdelwahed, Yasser Fatouh , Essam M. Allam 02 The Importance of Developing Exposure Factors Handbook in Nigeria -Wambebe Nathaniel M, Xiaoli Duan 03 Estimation of Nitrogen Content in Maize Leaves using… Continue reading Vol6 Issue2

Vol6 Issue1

Volume 6- Issue 1 - January 2019 01 Innovative Design of Aperture Antenna for Wideband Application -Kennedy A. Iroanusi 02 The Influence of Biodiesel Fuel Oil Blend Java Callophylum Innopillum Performance and Emissionson Diesel Engine Single-Cylinder -Wahidin, Nasrul Ilminnafik, Agustriono 03 Biomass and Carbon Stock Assessment of Peat Swamp Forest Ecosystem; A Case Study in… Continue reading Vol6 Issue1

vol5 Issue 12

Volume 5- Issue 12 - December 2018 01 Effect of Intensity - Temperature on Ultrasonic Dextran Degradation -Ali Aky├╝z, Durmus Temiz, Kazim Kumas 02 Constructing Inter Domain Packet Filter for Controlling IP Spoofing -Madhuri Ghorpade 03 Factors Affecting the Delivery of Quality Software and their Relationship in the Software Development Process -Muhammad Adeel Mannan, Afzal… Continue reading vol5 Issue 12